OSMAN pt.1 (Templars Revenge)

TheDrfreemason asked:

This Series Explores the Tragic Events since 9-11. The stepping stones are in place for the New World Order and why Islam is always targeted. This series will explain it all. PS Towards the end there is a small glitch, I hope you still can understand by listening.Also there are some spelling errors.the next episode, there will no spelling errors.


  1. davesajerk

    I thought George Washington was a mason? Maybe and don’t shoot me I will play devils advocate, ..maybe the masons are the goodguys? Fighting the Illuminati, or maybe their are good and bad in both groups? Maybe they are fighting the NWO powers, and we know who those are, Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and such…And any form of control.. Hell I don’t know!

  2. MrNoblemanoflove

    Let us never tolerate outrageous “official” conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of Sept. 11th…malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves….away from the guilty…

    and away from those complicit in the cover up…

  3. TwoEnZ

    Tinie tempah say’s ‘ur fu*kin with sum knights of da temple’ in one of his new tracks, maybe u shud put dat up

  4. VinoVash1234

    @mispistoleros wats a neo conservative, zionist (wat do they actually do) and the architects of PNAC

  5. Minncord

    can you explain me one thing drfreemason. becuase farhan dont answer. Farhan=6letters. 5+0+1=6 F=6th letter in alphabet…666 and K=the 11th letter just saying. coincidence? a very sick one

  6. Loupster420

    awesome vid Doc.! you guys are ding a great job keep the info vids coming!

  7. mispistoleros

    @VinoVash1234, The nations i mentioned are either aligned with or cooperate with the Neo-Conservatives, all Zionists, the architects of the PNAC created “War on Terror”.

  8. capeverdeannet

    The Pilgrims did not land on Plymouth Rock but landed in Provincetown R.I.
    I’m puzzled that Dr.Freemason would perpetuate the Lie.,Tell me it’s not so. The Teacher teaches without doing homework ?OK if it was innocent error,but still I’ll be watching your intent not errors

  9. VinoVash1234

    @mispistoleros i dnt understand wat ur sayin, wats a zio con family and a co operate family

  10. mispistoleros

    @VinoVash1234. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait are all part of the Zio-Con family, while Algeria, Turkey, Jordan, Albania and Indonesia all co-operate with the family.

  11. mispistoleros

    @MrSystemh8, I doubt GWBush, or Blair, knew about 911 but like most others in Congress, bureaucrats, business types, military, once it happened, they saw the writing on the wall and did whatever was necessary to cover their asses.
    What makes an Obama, Blair or Harper so malleable and a Jean Chretien so dangerous is that Chretien came from a structured, ideological background, in this case, a Jesuit/Fabian perspective, while the Obamas have no core ideology other than corruptibility.

  12. mispistoleros

    Just an aside, there are those who would say that the Iraq war was payback for the destruction of the 1rst temple and enslavement in Babylon.
    There’s a problem with the narrative. It states that the Freemasons had learned their lesson with Napolean and chose Washington, a Freemason, to lead the new masonic republic. The problem is that Washington’s time in power preceeded Napolean.
    Otherwise, great collaborative work…Cheers

  13. yomama6009

    Hey Drfreemason I think you and youre videos are awesome. i was just wondering what you think about 12/21/12?

  14. Gamyr

    I’ve seen a german documentary about Knight Templars and the Holy Grail in the USA.
    Conclusion was: there are signs of Templar buildings and (astronomical) structures to be found dated even (about 100years) before Columbus reached the shore.
    Maybe u’ll find this useful.

  15. VinoVash1234

    @dshedder1 i guess its the countries not the people, if u take over almost all the countries on earth then u pretty much rule the earth, america and europe have all the countries under their rule except the muslim countries and the arab states

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