New World Order History Part 1

KevZen2000 asked:

Detailed History of the NWO from 1700s to the present day. Songs in the Video: 1.Gianluca Zanna - New World Order Song 2.MINISTRY- NWO 3.Gamma Ray - No World Order - Introduce


  1. Theagenthollyhock

    RE; Aims of nwo as expressed at 0.13–Excellent, so the Rothschilds, the Rockyfellers, the Queen of England and all other royalty together with the wealthy families of the world are going to hand over all their assets (including negotiable instruments, private property and so forth to the masses? EXCELLENT!

  2. 88arau

    You need to back up your points. Where’s the evidence for your first statement about Rothschild and his friends meeting and discussing ruling the world?????????

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