1. vincent4500

    its going to happen , quite likely at 2012 olympics london…as Rick Clay says, (tho dont agree with his New Age conclusions which are part of deception) the London logo for Olympics forms the word Zion when you turn it around…London will be new Zion…re: coming of antichrist..check it out…and aliens will descend (holograms) after HARP causes earthquakes/evidence found of alien origins'(falsified)..a theatre play to make us unite under 1 world governement/NWO

  2. vincent4500

    “people dont love the truth they love the truth that they love” u sound rather scared of this possibility to me.project bluebeam will be used to stage an alien visitation, quite poss. at the 2012 olympics..its part of antichrist new age religion deception..horrors were facing, you’d do well to ignore your ego/fear/habitual beliefs & search purely for the Truth.. By the way, 500 yrs ago you’d have been executed for believing the world wasnt centre of our galaxy..you wont be laughing when soon

  3. vincent4500

    chemtrails are actually for somehting else..a guy found an item that fell from an airplane/metal object ..it was covered in barium…if you dont know they are lining the atmosphere for a holographic deception….the coming of the ‘new christ…’ research it because..the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are coming, illuminati are releasing them..pestilence-vaccines causing pandemic, war (iran), famine -nutricide, recession causing food shortages, then death 2012…pretty much everything in bible

  4. vincent4500

    illuminati are satanists…swine flu vaccine genocide starts november around 9th-25th…pestilence, then war (iran..see how USA is getting more aggressive ?), and finally death..2012 ..nibiru….

  5. rollsthepaul

    Change continues to accelerate. There will be a NWO but not the one the Illuminati have in mind. We will have a very bumpy road for the next 5 years and then things will start to turn around. TPTB will be in the dumpster and the death toll will be very high. Better dead than living under the oppressors. Very wonderful times will emerge from the ashes. All the hype about 2012 is bullshit, part of the Illuminati script.

  6. kiedog250

    the iluminati are well i like to think of them as the neo-roman empire why

    1. they have novous ordo selcourm (new order of ages) on there seal

    2. riot plolice are the spitting image of the roman chourts and how did the roman corcots fall ethents or the moden day equivent trucks thats right drive a truck into the riot plolices line it will crush them.

  7. rollsthepaul

    The symbol for The Roman Empire, The Third Reich and The United States of America, is the eagle. Do you still believe in coincidences? It’s about complete world domination with all rights and freedoms, removed for the masses,and no rules for the elite,except those they live under today,which are void of morality and anything that could be called decency.They would roast us live on a spit,if they enjoyed the spectacle, or any other abominable pastime that caught their fancy.This is why we fight.

  8. sportydevil666

    let’s hope the SHEEPLE wake up and see it before it’s to late.but then again suppose the sheeple are allready zombie’s ?? and to top it we are breathing in CHEMTRAIL’S what a perfect weapon to kill the MASSES ?? and they said HITLER would never come to POWER, lol lol wake up you sheeple HITLER is ere in the form of OBAMA ((( YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ))).

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