AllSeeingGuy asked:

Clear Illuminati/Masonic message in recent UK(United Kingdom) Advert SPECIAL THANKS TO KILLUMINARCY+ Shaf & Lilsafz FOR FINDING THIS BLATENT ADVERT! 63336 AQA "If you failed to see the message in this advert you will be 1 of these people.We not going to explain any more as there is no reason for us to explain any further." Please Rate,Comment and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!


  1. VotreCauchemar

    @MrJbblood considered 9 is a 6 inverted? :P However, the exposed subliminal message was very convincing! :S

  2. globalfabllc

    Say the words
    “Six triple” = 666
    “Three six” = 666

    Symbology = Tattoo = Mark of the beast
    “Thou shalt make no marks upon your body”
    “…and the number of the Beast which is 666”

    Chanting = Church = Catholic = Whore of Babylon on 7 Hills

    “Text 6 triple 3 6 for the answer to any question” implies all knowing source

    Hmmm, either the End Times prophesies are being fulfilled or someone is being extra creative.

    God just called, he wants his world back.

  3. cantst0pwontstop

    umm dood.. the commercial is very obvious, its so obvious that it seems like its a spoof

  4. DMRH69

    @mukkohaha…. Day-7=Saturday…. Day-1=SUNday. Day-2=Monday. Day-3=Tuesday… etc. 10-commandments written in (eternal) stone by the finger of God. The greatest of all laws ever given to man by his creator. No.4=REMEMBER the Sabbath day & keep it holy. 6-days you shall work, the 7th day you shall rest. Satan has tricked the world (via Rome) to work on day-7 & rest on day-1. Satan, via Rome via man says “We are above Gods law” & have the power to change it.

  5. mukkohaha

    @DMRH69 explain it to me, i don’t quite get what you meant, The 7th day Sunday ? is Holy, thats why we go to Church right ?, or is the Holy day, forbidden to Worship on ?’ Didn’t Jesus Resurrect Lazarus from the dead on a Saturday himself ?

    im not saying i think your comment is stupid or anything, i just don’t get your point really :)

  6. tellelephone

    There is no doubt in people’s minds that a conflict between believers and unbelievers has existed since the dawn of ‘civilisation’ and often ridicule is used as a device to discredit what the other believes. There are those who ridicule followers of Jesus Christ daily but you will rarely hear people ridiculing Mohammed in Muslim countries. The reason is the same as ridiculing the Mafia in Sicily, you can’t ridicule ‘the family’ because u know they have a militia to protect what they believe.

  7. truth2theyouth

    @AllSeeingGuy…..63336 stands for 666
    but there still is an extra 3, what does it stand for?
    the extra 3 stands for the number of 6s in 666 which is 3
    i.e 6(3+3)6= 666………and that makes 3 sixes…the extra 3 symbolises this

  8. shivadance777

    No, I think this is a spoof, hijack of the actual real Illuminati? what do you think? Too.. Commercial in nature?

  9. bbdawn11

    Do not be frightened by the unilliminated. All it takes to get your mind back is to reconnect your consciousness by feeding it truth.

  10. sallyos06460

    LMAO! They love to mess withya dont they. They are TOAST! And they know it. Bye NWO, go intomb yourself in your underground bases. You dug your own graves and the British taxpayer will be more than willing to foot that bill. Hope they stand up to earthquakes 6 miles deep or so. You can continue to interbreed with each other. Dont even try to surface, you will be hunted down like dogs.

  11. TheGreyhoundBoy

    @MRSHIRAZKHAN1 HAHA! you feel sorry for me? im not the one thinking that every parody, joke or reference to the Illuminati is to be taken seriously and picks fights with cheap, laughable comebacks. If anything, I should feel sorry for you – but its idiotic, irrational wanks like you that are what’s wrong with this dying fucking planet. Thank you, good fucking night

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