Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy(1998)-Full Length Documentary

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Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy is a documentary on how Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime made use of ancient mysticism and occultism to win the war. The Nazi's also used occult mind control techniques to brainwash Germans to perceive themselves as the master-race. Astrology, Reincarnation, a new blood religion. In this chilling yet fascinating glimpse at recent historical events, discover how Nazi beliefs were based on a perversion of ancient myths, pagan lore and the occult. In their quest to create an Aryan super race, the Nazis left no myth or religion unexploited, using astrological forecasts to plan battles; pendulums to locate allied battleships; the prophesies of Nostradamus to frighten the Allies, and sacred symbols, such as Nordic runes, to inspire their warriors to battle. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy explores the disturbing ways the Third Reich linked occult practices with political aims and created a reign of terror unparalleled in history. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy, directed by Tracy Atkinson and Joan Baran, narrated by Malcolm McDowell, is an English language 1998 Discovery Channel documentary regarding Nazi occultism.


  1. beyondcrowned

    @Philosopher276, yeah and of course the blitzkrieg tactics took all of europe by surprise at that time. Germany introduced a new form of warfare. But the French also messed up by placing their troops upwards thinking that the germans were going to come through Holland. Instead they came through the Arden which everyone except the brilliant general of Hitler thought was impenetrable.

  2. Philosopher276

    @beyondcrowned I think the easy taking of france had to do more with blitzkrieg tactics which were still rather new and innovative at that point. But yeah, what did u think of this documentary? lol

  3. beyondcrowned

    @Philosopher276, I already know that. Hitler was secretly in love with the British so he let them escape. All his generals knew this and thought he was soft for the British. He offered the British a truce when they refused he had no choice but to declare war on them once again

    The germans ONLY took France easily because of the sheer GENIUS of one of Hitler´s generals. Hitler´s general proposed that they march through the supposedly impenetrable Arden, which of course the French did not expect

  4. Philosopher276

    @beyondcrowned Perhaps how easily the germans took france should be a clear indicator of how weak and unorganized their army was. Here’s another hypothetical for you- what if hitler didn’t let the british army escape at dunkirk….

  5. beyondcrowned

    @Philosopher276, yes but all your so-called expert historians agree that IF France and Britain attacked Germany FIRST they would have stopped Hitler. SO, your theory holds little weight against theirs.

    At the beginning of the war Germany generals interviewed said themselves that they would sneak over to their side then march over again to make it seem like they had a bigger army than they really did.

  6. Philosopher276

    @beyondcrowned my hypothetical is much more realistic though. France and GB wouldn’t have had the slightest clue of the motivations for the army or the sheer size. Remember, germany was secretly building up their army since ’33. The allies only began to really notice in ’37.

  7. beyondcrowned

    @Philosopher276, could of would of BUT didn’t ! Of course the French and Great Britain could have stopped Hitler from even growing in power to begin with if they attacked Germany FIRST too !!

    We are not talking about what COULD of happened because MANY MANY things could have happened and went differently. SO it is all hypothetical.

  8. Philosopher276

    @beyondcrowned lol….. clearly he could have overwhelmed GB if he hadn’t of gotten over confident and wanting to invade russia first.

  9. burn413

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    excuse website spelling wont allow actual website so improvised ;}

  10. beyondcrowned

    @XxFOOTBALLxISxLIFExX, I don´t care for war propaganda (or so-called master Historians, etc.)

    Use your own head and common sense. Hitler could not even conquer Britain alone ! What makes you think BOTH Britain and America together.

    Plus, not to mention if you recall Hitler was trying to get the Japs to attack Russia from the back. Instead the japs attacked America. NOW what happened afterwards, the japs got NUKED ! Germans had no nuclear technology back then America did.

  11. beyondcrowned

    @KadeshLeMort, you need to look at more clearly. America was as always quietly racist at the time.

    Nazis believed in pure totalitarianism WAY more than they believed in race supremacy because power came first.. The german people had to do EVERY single thing Hitler their dictator (furher) decided or wanted to do, not just be racist. Many of their OWN race of people (germans themselves) were killed by the Gestapo, Hitler’s secret police for just braking ANY law period.


    @beyondcrowned He would have best the West on his own. Never would’ve beat the Russians, that has been debated and most Historians agree with this

  13. beyondcrowned

    @XxFOOTBALLxISxLIFExX, Though you are right about the strength of those Russian mongrels surprising the hell out of those Germanic inferior race of Aryans:)

    Germans, Russians, little IF ANY difference anyways. Both a race of mongrels blonde, blue, eyed loving devils that want to be as strong as God but like the fallen angels are really LUCIFER(S). Wishing they had the true appearance of God.

  14. beyondcrowned

    @XxFOOTBALLxISxLIFExX, yeah sure the russians won WW2 all by their single self’s ! That is one of those typical plain most ignorant retarded comments that show up every now and then.

    Germans had to fight the war on TWO FRONTS !!!!! Get your facts straight. IF they only had to fight on one single front they might have won.

    BUT no Hitler had to satisfy his hard on for the Russians IMMEDIATELY and could not keep his bulge in his pants long enough, instead of waiting for the right time ! :)


    @KadeshLeMort Actually the Russians who won WW2, in classic American style they showed up to claim all the credit

  16. 2012istheendofjews

    The most funny part.. listen to this.. :

    ALL white mans inventions, is infact not inventions.. its copies of former civilizations they made you bealive never excisted..

    NOW they have found new cities under the ocean thats over 15000 years old, wich puts all theories ever excisted of religion and history to question..

    Christianity and islam, might just be a copy of an older forgotten religion.. its that simple..

    history as we know it is the biggest lie ever presented to humans..

  17. 2012istheendofjews

    @manniman82 2 world war.. is how the occult jewish communities hide their actions..

    People say nazis this .. but they were financed by jews..!

    And in Russia in the gulags, most officers were jews.. And they were like russian concentration camps.. No one even mentions this..

    AND PS: the jews was not the only people that was used in holocaust, there was several other minoroties, who even today EUROPEANS are very racist against….

    this is dubbelmoral all the way….

  18. KadeshLeMort

    The Nazis told everyone that they were great and a superior people …

    and all we get is a big FUCK YOU from america

  19. astraelios

    13:30 this reminds me of a MATRIX scene: “The found a source of power they would ever need” (the machines)

  20. astraelios

    …and those supermen are called AMERICANS! It hit me like a lightningbolt once I got to the airport in New York, a huuuuuuuge metal sculpture so proud hanging on the wall of an eagle.

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