MUST WATCH! Anti-Illuminati Messages in Michael Jackson’s Song “We’ve Had Enough”

IlluminatiKilledMJ asked:

More anti-Illuminati messages I found


  1. ZoeyWalter

    Illuminati killed our MJ! And they trynna kill Eminem right now. But they can’t. We must say something to this sinners!

  2. 4everTheDance

    Good for u. Now if you could only convince MsKimi26 that MJ did nothing wrong because it’s obvious

  3. starjobri095

    Y’all people who don’t believe in this shit y’all better brinq this shit into your sub-concious minds foreal, WAKE UP! Don’t look at shit for what it is, look more into it

  4. lisa24gsi

    I have seen lots of videos about illumanti but I just do not believe it to be honest. I have been watching in day and at night lots of videos as it does interest me how people think the illumanti is real? I have never posted before on video comment this video is the first. I will copy and paste this I write and state it on another video comment by me. I think some people read too much into things lol it like telling your kids father Christmas real when he not and they know he not real but you s

  5. Kamyssj

    This man deserves so much honour.. He fought bravely against the illuminati and he left a message for us to do the same..

  6. cptamerica13

    HAHAHA So dumb, “Man in Blue” is obviously a cop who shot an unarmed man and the other is U.N. peace soldiers in a War Zone. LOL Illuminatti my ass

  7. thekingofcinema1

    he was aquitted in 2005, because there was no proof he did, and there was proof that the prosecution falsified all key evidence and the defense proved that the family had succesfully sued other people like JC penny, for sexual abuse…yeah and they got away with it, and if he looked like an alien, ,maybe he was one. if you believe something as crazy as that, i believe he was an angel walking the earth, warning everyone about the true message of christ, LOVE, PEACE!

  8. HRMN7

    Please read this! I have an idea to make people more aware about illuminati and to make them stand against it. I was thinking about this during a long time and decided to make page at facebook, cause social networks are very popular now. Main idea is to make a community of people who are ready to fight against it. If my plan will be successful, it will be useful. So please, let’s start actually doing something against it! facebook(dot)com/StandAgainstIlluminati

  9. magilla2282

    the illuminati is as real as can get. I got straight a’s in science so I know how to seperate bullshit from fact. dont you notice that noothing makes sence nowadays? I dont believe he was a child melester. He loved children because there minds havent been poisened by the entertainment industry yet.

  10. MsKimi26

    why do people believe in this crap? Honestly if this is real and making shit public gets people killed then why is your dumbasses publicly admitting to believeing that an anti war song could mean something else. Besides this guy molested kids. He looked like an alien how about that.

  11. Shayshay1277

    Yes, this is one of the best anti-war songs MJ wrote. He was always about peace & love since he was a child.

  12. TheShadyIady

    I feel so bad for laughing about the peodophile accusations and thinking he was guilty, now that Ive started studying illuminati I do not believe it, along with alot of other shit, Im sorry MJ, R.I.P. King Of Pop!

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