(MUST SEE!) London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Card Game NWO Zion False Flag Attack?.avi

AsPinkAsAPanther asked:

5 men wearing shirts that has the same coulors as the olympic rings. Big Ben in this card is blown up. So what does this tell us? This might be a hidden message from Steven Jackson(the creater of the Illuminati card game) that something will happen under the Olympic games in London 2012. New clue in the illuminati card? www.youtube.com Song name: The Electronic Hole - 03 - The Golden Hour Part III


  1. hardflip2lateflip

    i completely missed the were wearing olympic colours, but i did think that they looked like………..ZOMBIES!

  2. AsPinkAsAPanther

    @CaPTaiNPrICey98 this video is not about the end of the world.. i didnt miss it, just didnt fit into the video.

  3. blueangelsletsgo

    Go to 6:24, and you’ll see smoke coming from Big Ben.
    Of course subliminally, but just open your eyes and connect the dots.

  4. gwarvana

    Ok I’m confused cause I’ve been hearing too that this card means about the destruction that happened in Japan

  5. vokwa1

    O.K. so if you saw this video it’s know your job to tell everyone you know about this{don’t tell the media they control them} good luck and god bless.

  6. trix290780

    1:20 regarding big ben falling…. if you look at the four people on the card there also wearing the colours of the olympics rings hmmmm

  7. tehuan1

    Matthew 24:6

    ” You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. “

  8. kdcruz75

    something is gonna happen buy itll be hidden in plane sight . me thinks it will be freemasonic coronation of prince william as the head of all freemasonry.. so mos people even the so valled awake ones wont see it

  9. tyronewinksalot

    the tower you thinkis big is a famous clock tower in japan where they jus ad a masive earth quake me an one of the lads at work was on about it an he showed me photo of it an it exactly the same inch for inch they crazy arrnt they to say they were made b4 all this stuff happend. sumat will defo happen at olympics an we think iran will get blame this time an it’ll be afgan all over again
    kepp up the good work

  10. erichinji

    wow that’s awesome !!! i’m worry about Brazil my country …. they have a card from that too lol

  11. goodinfotoknow

    Dinosaurs will come out from underground; antichrist is a white gay man with red eyes; mark of the antichrist is a green electronic tattoo with sixes that is given when one stretches their hand to receive world passport; ufos=demons=aliens=ascended masters=ghosts=channeled entities=dead relatives during seances; atlantis is underneath mariana trench; china will attack russia; don’t worship the antichrist; don’t take his mark; don’t go into a ufo ship under any circumstances

  12. jorave777

    @SnipingFailure i’m also confused but to survive we all need to be strong enough of soul to don’t let anything bad happen. just pray and try to be a better person everyday; something difficult in this time when we all are sinners but we still have a chance to change and reverse all that wickedness in wich hopelessly we all have been inmersed without realizing.

  13. jorave777

    @godwarmw2 i’m not muslim but i’m sure the media (being part of the usa power) always blamed the muslim world for everything, brainwashing us that they are evil, etc. but the truth is that we the occidentals don’t know nothing as we don’t live there to know the true reality. now i completely don’t believe anything of the mainstream “official” news.

  14. jorave777

    @RYANREEN exactly! with our mind we can really do more than we can imagine! so don’t play their evil game and pray all for a paceful future!

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