Mind Over Matter – Telekinesis: 5th Dimension (Paranormal Documentary)

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Mind Over Matter - Telekinesis: 5th Dimension (Paranormal Documentary) Documentary on telekinesis, and the power of the human mind to impact physical matter ...


  1. BodyCandyTV

    shouldn’t the data be off the scale 24/7… theres death , genocide and
    destruction all over the world. this sound very one sided and propagandist
    in a way. 

  2. Adam Gonedridge

    I once was at the FSF, and there was this theatre claiming it an access the
    I’m a poor ass bitch, whyms’t the universe hold its secrets form me?

  3. traida111

    Well actually this has all been answered decades ago through metaphysics.
    But scientists refuse to look at metaphysics because the sources of the
    information are questionable. and the science cannot be proved “easily”. So
    the answer is reality is an illusion, created by the human conciousness. Of
    which “Belief” defines the rules. We also have collective belief, which
    means we all share the same general rules, e.g. gravity space\time etc. If
    you can break away from the collective belief then you can break the rules.
    This is extremely difficult, it took Shamans lifetimes to master this. Some
    people are born with the ability though. I was told that belief is
    telepathically downloaded based on the last 4 people you come into contact
    with. The belief is then blended between them and that is your base rule
    set for reality. This can be proved, via Hypnosis, since though hypnosis
    you can program the belief structure directly. You would just need to do it
    to 4 people and then link them together using hypnosis instructions to
    interact with each other. By observing with a video camera in rooms you
    could literally make it appear the 4th guy is walking through a wall.
    Amazing really that this is possible in a world we thought was real. This
    isnt a joke, this is physics. Just humanity isnt quite there yet
    understanding in this detail

  4. MirceaKitsune

    In regard to my own self, there is one experience I’m willing to share,
    which some might find interesting: Several years ago, I was bored and
    playing with a dice I found. Without knowing about the research or being
    serious, I ran the dice experiment myself. I focused hard on a number I
    wanted and knew I would get, then threw the dice on the table.

    I did this multiple times (2 – 3 if I remember right). Each time, I indeed
    got the number I focused on… but only during the first 1 – 2 attempts.
    This could be because after the first tries, I lost confidence it would get
    any better… knowing that if it went on I’d have a replicable result which
    just couldn’t happen. If this really does work, having confidence and no
    doubt is likely a must, since otherwise you already focus the thought that
    nothing’s going to happen.

    Of course, like all tests done in this area, it could have very well been a
    coincidence. Still, focusing on one number out of 6 and *always* getting
    that number the first (and occasionally second) time in 3 different test
    sessions is enough to tell me something might be going on.

  5. ghetto c

    you bitches are stupid as hell james randi already proved that all of this
    bullshit in this video is fake if you dont believe search his name on
    youtube this fraud shit, how could yall believe anything in this video
    when the uploader has a satanic pentagon for a profile picture with the
    name occult right next to it lol wake the fuck up

  6. kayakcountry

    Science can never accept the existence of the paranormal. Science can only
    accept the results of observed experiment, which must accord with the
    ‘laws’ of physics. Science cannot accept the existence of the spiritual –
    the conscious connections running through the whole of reality. If it ever
    tries to do so, it is just pseudo science. All native peoples knew of the
    conscious connections running through nature and the universe. However,
    modern civilization is a confusion of consciousness – as are most modern
    paranormal occurrences. What use is bending a spoon? Moving a table?
    Playing the accordion remotely? All f***ing useless. Science – and our
    obsession with the paranormal – is lost within its own world. Our
    technological and materialistic civilization – divorced from nature and
    increasingly de-spiritualised – leads us ever further from harmony and

  7. Anthony Damiani

    I can say Uri Geller is a fraud! He recently came out with his confession,
    and pulled back from his claim. I don’t know about the others though.

  8. KrimsonVagus

    From a strictly biological/medical point of view, the simplest way to prove
    these people are NOT really telekinetic using their BRAINS or “emotions” >>
    is to have these “magicians” perform their tricks while we record their
    brain electrical activity with Electroencephalography, which is an actual
    science-based instrument doctors use to diagnose nerological impairments as
    in epilepsy and coma… We must compare their attempts to “move” an object
    remotely with someone who is NOT a magician (as a control).
    Another instrument we could use is a Functional MRI, which measures the
    intensity of activity of brain regions based on increase or decrease in
    blood flow to these regions.

    If telekinesis is truly based on brain activity, we should observe a
    significant increase in brain electricity/frequency OR blood increased
    perfusion using either of these methods.

    Until such an experiment is done (and I doubt REAL scientists would waste
    their time with this nonsense), no one in their right mind would believe
    this crap… End of story. Sorry to burst your bubbles and fantasies.

    All these so-called scientists in this documentary have been beating around
    the bush with silly random generators, but none of them dared to do some
    actual testing on BRAIN activity, either because brain scanning techniques
    were not developed at the time OR because they know it’s all BULLSHIT

  9. marc bell

    There is still (I believe) a 1 million dollar prize offered to anyone who
    can demonstrate paranormal powers. ( to/from) the Amazing Randy). Anyone
    know the status?

  10. Noraphinephrin

    Before I comment on the validity of this video, I want to address a
    commenter’s misconception that people who believe in these things are
    ignorant/closed minded. I’m afraid that is not the case. You must have an
    open mind to believe in these things and you are anything but ignorant
    either. Gullible, maybe, but definitely not ignorant.

    Now, while it is certainly possible to move objects with your mind, it is
    not possible to do so at this current stage in our development. You see,
    telekinisis is a power that is the result of a more “activated” brain. To
    even fathom such an ability we would need to have at least 10% of our brain
    power. Currently we use 4%.

    The same can be said for people claiming to speak to Aliens or Ghosts
    telepathically. In this case, it is a one way conversation. The Ghost or
    entity may be able to speak to you, but you or I can’t reply
    telepathically. We don’t have that part of our brains unlocked as yet.

    Some of the “answers’ these channelers and mediums may claim to receive
    are, in fact, vibrations. Humans, with some practise, can feel these
    vibrations and they interpret it based on the feeling they get. Ever wonder
    why every medium has a different answer for you? That’s because they
    interpret the vibrations differently.

    However, with that being said, there are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule.
    Out of billions of people on this earth there are a handful who are born
    with more of their brains activated, and may be able to actually use
    telepathy. Likewise, these people may have the part of their brains
    unlocked to not only receive telepathic messages but send them as well.

    Brain activation is a direct result of your DNA strand. Humans have a two
    stranded, double Helix DNA pattern. The more Helixes we posses, the more
    Brain Power we have. But you cannot unlock this as you are. This is the
    result of genetic mutation and can only happen during the development of
    the fetus.

    But don’t take my word for it. By all mean do some research and get

    It’s amazing to think what humans are capable of. We truly are an
    incredible species!


  11. Orsbore

    We only use 7% of our minds? That’s nonsense! We use pretty much all of our
    minds. If we only used 7%, only 7% of strokes would change somebodies
    thought process.

  12. Sm0k4bl3

    Just watch James Randi proving they are all frauds.
    He pays a big amount of cash to the first one that can prove these
    supernatural powers are real, many have tried and all have failed.
    They’re just hungry for cash, and feed on the ignorant/closed minded.

  13. Sam B

    The word ‘random’ is a strong one for anything ESPECIALLY when used in
    regards to computers, something which inherently doesn’t do random,
    pseudo-random is a more correct description.

    In saying that I still wouldn’t rule out a ‘global consciousness’, the
    development of disconnected societies with similar timeframes supports

  14. jagara1

    It’s disgusting that people calling themselves scientists back people like
    Geller – these cranks have been disproven time and time again.

  15. John Keys

    To promote telekineic powers you’re going to feature Uri Geller…really?
    All credibility has been forfited completely. 

  16. padawan007

    Nina Kulegina was not fake people… she had the real telekinetic powers to
    move objects… 

  17. Guy Time

    James Randi offered/offers a large reward (Started off at 1,000 in 1964 and
    eventually was raised to 1 million dollars over the years) to anybody who
    could prove they have paranormal abilities like telekinesis under
    controlled settings that would eliminate the possibility of cheating,
    tricks and chance. He had this up for many years and the offer still
    stands. Anybody who did step up to the plate failed miserably and the vast
    majority of the well known names who claim to have paranormal abilities
    always declined.

    Isn’t it funny how peoples paranormal abilities always disappear when the
    possibility of cheating, using magic tricks and manipulation is removed? It
    is cool to think about the possibility of telekinesis, telepathy and
    paranormal things like that but don’t mistake it for actually existing. 

  18. Katie Dubbs

    Most of this is stupid … I am not saying telekinesis or other psychic
    things aren’t possible, in fact I believe it is POSSIBLE. I believe that
    Rupert Sheldrake’s theory about our thoughts not being confined to the
    inside of our head is very interesting and possible. When I was 18 or so,
    my friend showed us this trick where you lift someone in a chair wayyy
    above your heads with nothing but your finger tips. When we tried it
    without “focusing our energy” or whatever, it was impossible. It worked
    though & we did it a few times.
    But one of the first things said in this documentary was “Scientists
    believe we use only 7% of our brain capacity” which is fucking bullshit. We
    use all of it & that is one of the most commonly believed old wive’s tales
    out there. Do some research or talk to an actual scientist or neurologist &
    you’ll find out it’s complete BS. 

  19. Ben Crispe

    It’s hard to understand why so many people think this is BS, yet still
    believe the official story as to why the twin towers imploded on 9/11.

  20. oggi mog

    I guess, they really should have talked to some magicians. Check out randy,
    if you want to know more about how stuff like this is actually done ;)

  21. Matt Black

    this docu had credibility till they mentioned uri geller. he’s a fake
    period, he’s been a fake since day one, and it’s no small secret.

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