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psychetruth asked:

This is a wide screen version of "Mind Control, Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis". The video has been remastered in 16:9 wide screen. Editing errors have been corrected as well. Search Terms, Mind Control Overview Hypnosis CIA MKUltra Psychiatry Conspiracy Theory Psychology mass media brainwashing sex youtube hypno brain washing


  1. OrganizedTerror

    “the jews pose the very greatest danger for the life of the European peoples and of the North American people alike” Professor Hans Gunther.

  2. OrganizedTerror

    How utterly absurd, to state that around 1/3rd or more of the race which built all the most advanced civilizations from 6000 BC to present, proven to be unsustainable when other races entered into the gene pool and invented most modern technology, need pills. Archaeology has proven that the original bearers of the Indo-European and less advanced afro-asiatic languages were Nordic, but the unmixed survivors are descended from the germanic and celtic branch of the indo-europeans.

  3. OrganizedTerror

    The jewish psychiatric industry is specifically targeting the Nordic race. Whites taking pills for some sort of psychiatric jew shit are about 20-25%. The most effective diagnosis to sell pills is add. 17% of whites were diagnosed with add. Of the whites, people who’s ancestors were more nomadic, the surviving members of the aryans, nordics (people with light hair, light eyes, narrow faces, narrow noses, long heads and slender, usually tall, builds), were overrepresented.

  4. chickenleggs360

    is anyone hearing this?…… because all i’m hearing is ” blaablabla “titties” blablaabla ” titties” bla titties………..

  5. skonatrix

    tits and moustashe couldnt hear anything and the sound is distorting… too loud on the left side specially

  6. psikotronika

    Would you please keep me inform, that I can download your video and burn into CD and distribute to other peoples or group, thank you

  7. tomehaj

    This is a big no-no I found, amongs other things, for people like me: 1) You shouldn’t get a tattoo 2) You shouldn’t pearce your body 3) You shouldn’t gamble… 6) And a big no-no: You shouldn’t change your name BTW here is the whole system of remote harrasment after secret brain surgery reveiled at myspace/tomehajas and facebook/tomehajas Please, become my myspace and fecebook friends. Follow me on twitter/tomehhhh

  8. enmingteo

    Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) would like to report that there are unidentified people in Singapore who can beam voices into his head and read his mind.

  9. realtimes1980

    TV & mainstream media has got 2 b one of the biggest mind control agendas around today mainly through fear, a corporate controlled society is a long term goal for the so called elite & the masses are falling for each each day, time for people to really wake up.

  10. dhymaxion

    Only audio here, so I have question-v helpful thanx
    Whats this?->A guy on public airwaves screams/rants/appears/sounds outofcontrol/dangerous/keys into mntlphysclpain on schedule. Someone hears this loses reason angry at government-wishes to just blow it up because “they” are taking away freedom + taxes are too high. Normally sane with equanimity+reason now just want to take down the whole thing-knows “enough” already.
    Classic immoral unconsciouss hypno-repatterning? (OSS for sure)

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