Michael Tsarion – Truth Frequency Interview 12-17-09 – Architects of Control Part 1/2

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Michael Tsarion on Truth Frequency Radio with Chris Geo and Sheree. Recorded on December 17th, 2009. 'This weeks guest, author, lecturer, researcher, film maker and alternative historian, Michael Tsarion will join us to discuss his new film, Architects Of Control. We will discuss the history and modern day applications of mind control and delve into the anatomy of consciousness and how the elite have been manipulating the masses throughout history. This will be a JAM PACKED discussion and part 1 of a 2 part show.' truthfrequencyradio.com http


  1. ezramos1

    I get it now, its like there’s so many evil influences it blinds good , and compramizes the good that ther is , is as if were surrendering are mind to the things of the controled world , but how can we surrender or mind to love and the symbol of live and the universal code we carry as a creation of ….” “…and if love was a law wut would its boundreys be, ….we mentel salves to ……wut ?, and if I was to be controled mentely ,…I wish for it to be by the laws of love

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