Michael Tsarion – The Higherside Chats Interview 05-11-11 – Symbolism & Control

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Michael Tsarion on The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood. Recorded on May 11th, 2011. michaeltsarion.com thehighersidechats.com


  1. LuminosityEntangled

    I love it when he pauses, takes a drag, pauses, exhales, and doesn’t skip a beat in his commentary…

  2. TheBabbleBeast

    “…And then the utter travesty – when they come to date it – they pick up a piece of broken pottery from beside it, date that pottery, right? It could be some, you know, piss pot from some guy (put there) – some old shepherd, date that… and then say ‘oh, well, now we know how old the sarcophagus was’!”
    LOL!! Michael Tsarion is brilliant – great sense of humour!

  3. Sindrom11

    Genius! I am stricken with a virilant passion for the ceaseless intoxication of insight derived from Michael’s consisently outstanding dissection on the war on human consciousness. I especially love his aptitude for focusing on methods for cleansing the psyche, regaining one’s ascetic control from the sorcerors and tyrants which have manipulated Man throughout aeons of time.

    No researcher has stirred the very essence of my soul as much as Tsarion, and I thank you for another brilliant upload.

  4. gonobdotcom

    ive studied fish psychology and this trauma theory is a bit of a stretch, man has always been a killer and its only more pronounced now as opposed to then.

  5. TruthSeekingElf

    He’s much more passionate and confident and real when he’s on the radio as opposed to being in front of an audience. He’s amazing and I’m only 35.42 in. Much much food for thought here, Tsarion for president!! Er..;o). Onwards we go. Anyway this is the passion and centerdness we are missing in society now. People are so afraid to be themselves & speak their truth, even so called ‘truthers’, need the acceptance applause & approval from their ‘group’. Individuality is also the key.

  6. TheWaterlily2012

    @ArtificialEntity Yeah, it’s kinda hard to check YouTube and knead dough at the same time, lol. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  7. ArtificialEntity

    @TheWaterlily2012 yeah I was surprised usually you get to the Tsarion segments before me! Dinner rolls, huh? I like dinner rolls. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. TheWaterlily2012

    @ArtificialEntity Ha ha! I guess you did! But hey, I am baking dinner rolls for tomorrow and am lagging behind!

  9. ArtificialEntity

    ….got the jump on you WaterLily….thanks for the latest Promethean! You know I was waiting for something!

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