1. ChipInSpace

    Soo where god huh he still haven’t come and save us..u don’t understand wat they talking about u just don’t get it.learn how to get it.they are just giving us some info u don’t have to belive him him and icke is just helping us.but u don’t take everything and say its true.learn how to get it .

  2. 0thetrooth0

    @Mrgruffy44 these people are set out to destroy God and Jesus in the minds and hearts of people. everything is quite simple, God and satan r real, it makes sense that these popular disinfo agents say 99% truth n 1% lies, the 1% being that God doesnt exist and Jesus was a myth.

  3. Mrgruffy44

    @0thetrooth0 I’ve noticed this in Icke, Tsarion, and Maxwell videos. They make logical sense until they make some claim that makes no sense. EX: Maxwell’s “Son of God” and “Sun of God”. That applies only to English. The word “Amen” means honoring Amen Ra? I believe it means “So it be done”, or somehting similar. The simplist explanation is ususally correct.

  4. tuathadenan

    Michael Tsarion is an incredible man and everything I have managed to see, study and read thus far only strengthens my appreciation toward him for all his work and years of research that he shares with the world. Brilliant work Michael and many thanks to Promethean for sharing.

  5. TruthGuardian3

    @0thetrooth0 There are very few things michael speaks about that wasnt mention by others in the past and he is the first to point that out. IT’S BEEN DONE BEFORE!!

  6. CensorFreeNews

    This would be even better and even more effective if it had images and pictures to go along with what mike is saying. If we do that, this could be a very empowering and informative video for everyone

  7. 0thetrooth0

    @ArtificialEntity for example he has talked about astrotheology, i think that is the lie he mixes in with his 99% truth? illuminati want to destroy christianity, if a person in the truth movement is as popular as Michael or david icke i think they are illuminati agents, i think the illuminati kills any1 who speaks real truth like fritz or bill cooper, know what im saying?

  8. Agent99

    I am SO grateful to him for making me see how astrology did not start out as bullshit, how the greater sense I’ve known since childhood is actually explicated through it. In fact, now I look to everything that has been proscribed by consensus trance to find what beauty has been meant to be concealed from us there. In every case, so far, I’ve found it. Look at everyone and everything you revile without really having evidence to back it, and THERE lies something you need to understand.

  9. ArtificialEntity

    @0thetrooth0 Study Tsarion for awhile and you’ll see how interesting a question it is that you ask.
    Why do you feel the need to trust? Why do you look to others to help you determine who you should trust? etc. etc.
    Really study (may take years) what he’s talking about and you’ll eventually be able to trust yourself and not feel the need to ask who you should trust.
    He’s probably so popular because what he says makes so much sense. Check out “You are Your own Saviour” on my channel!

  10. lovepath777

    @guitardude1230 As am I! I hope that it comes available on You Tube. I have been anxious to see it since it was announced.

  11. EuphoricImpact

    Thank you for posting this….your efforts are appreciated.

    If Michael ever reads this..then I send a big thank you to you! Your work has helped me continue, and encouraged me to ask more probing questions of myself.

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