Michael Tsarion – Red Ice Interview 09-20-07 – The Post Human World

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Michael Tsarion on Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren. Recorded on September 20th, 2007. 'Michael Tsarion Return to Red Ice Creations Radio to Discuss the Post Human World, The Future of Mankind, Transhumanism. Topics Discussed: 2012, The End of the World, New Technology, Science, Drugs, SSRI's and the "Removing" of Suffering, The Technotopia, The New Man, Spiritual Aspect of Man, The Cyborgs, Man-Machine Symbiosis, The Technological Singularity, Biotech, Genomics, The Vulcans, Craig J Venter, The Human Genome Project, Aubrey de Grey, Longevity, Artificial Intelligence, The Templar's, Eternal Life and the Quest for the "Holy Grail", Methusala, Symbolism, The Archon's and much, much more.' michaeltsarion.com www.redicecreations.com


  1. HopiTrails1

    Turn off your TV,stop listening to lies your starting to fall into a hole. listen to some Max Igan or Alan Watt….People are drugged,hypnotized and Haarped everyday and you still blame them for this…its not their fault ,we need to be “examples” that inspire…

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