Michael Tsarion – Red Ice Interview 06-22-06 – Akhenaton & The Cult of Aton

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Michael Tsarion on Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren. Recorded on June 22nd, 2006. 'Michael Tsarion returns to the program to talk about Akhenaton, the Cult of Aton and the Dark Side of the Sun. This is a show that you don't want to miss! Visit Michael's website taroscopes.com for more information on Michael and his DVD series Origins and Oracles.' michaeltsarion.com www.redicecreations.com


  1. Shonaripa

    weird how back then when Henrik had just started he was much easier to listen to because he was more natural and flowing in the way he talked, today he sounds like a robot trying to sound like a typical radio guy using big words which he himself doesn’t seem to understand half of the time, making it more funny with his goofy accent. If you see this Henrik, take notes, you used to conduct things better, more like a human, today you talk like a machine, relax

  2. lazyfreedom98

    Finally . . . the weird part of the You Tube.

    17:00 I would categorize these people as geniuses.

  3. PrometheanReachXVI

    thanks for watching.
    i’m not henrik. his channel is below:

  4. Illuminatmatrix

    Funny, i think i have added this as mp3 to our forum a few days ago^^ synch ^^

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