1. Marinkorpse

    Ahhh the sound is killing me. It sound’s like they are nearby a nuclear reactor or some sci fi engine.

    You know you are good when people watch you on the internet having lunch :D
    This dude is the real deal

  2. Marinkorpse

    Jajajaja. You made LOL for real. Thx dude. I call him the Bruce Willis of alternative research. :D


    Dude your all over the place. All i said was a lot of the time when alex jones use’s the term globalist’s he is referring to the Zionist’s. It’s inevatable.. example….When he is calls the fed, wall st. ,goldman sachs e.c.t Globalist’s.. who do you think he is talking about ??? Jew’s. It’s obvious he can’t go near zionist issue’s directly. and i never said Mstar would ever go on AJ

  4. metamorphosis67

    @L0VEPEACEL0VEPEACE Tsarion hasn’t been on AJ for 3 years & will never be on Alex Jones show again, no matter how diplomatic he is towards AJ & his 13 Jewish advertisers. You know why? In the Zionism section of his website, Tsarion exposes the holohoax once-&-for-all & Alex Jones is not allowed to touch that with a 10 foot pole. Tsarion still won’t admit the obvious, which is that the Germans were the good guys in both WW I & WWII but the Hitler conditioning is the toughest to get rid of.

  5. leightonsvids

    @LogicalUtilizor It was a great talk. He’s one of the most Genuine people I’ve had the honor of meeting!

  6. LogicalUtilizor

    I’m so desperate after new Tsarion clips I’m watching crappy videos like this. Thanks for the upload.


    @supercell42 He just calls them globalist’s(you know jew’s live everywhere). 80% 90% of the time Terms like Reptilians, illuminati, power elites, are code words for zionist jews, weather the researcher admits it or not. Smart for Alex not to say jews, that’s called politicide. I agree tho gotta give it to people that don’t give a fuck ! Heaps of Eustace Mullins video’s have been surfacing recently, he was a legend ! David Dukes vids are ok, & i really like Brother Nathan’s Blog’s he is funny.


    @raulhawkins718 Fuckin pottymouth? That sounds disgusting & prude.He swears! He constantly holds back, it’s funny when he say’s “bloody” or “bastard” to americans, cos unlike Ireland, Uk, Australia, they consider them 2 be swear words.My fav work of Michael’s is “Duality”.He say’s people ‘need’ 2 express neg emotions! swearing,watching UFC,listening NIN.People that avoid neg aspects of life, just staying pos/happy(in doing so book an app with shiva), just project their neg shit on 2 others.

  9. lovepath777

    This is such a great clip- to see and hear him in a casual setting. I think that it is a real testament to the man’s authenticity and intelligence. He is quite unique in the world of alternative research.

  10. TruthSeekingElf

    Great stuff!! Nice to hear him being his typical Irish self, the ‘cussin’ being a part of that language… hahahaha!!! Brings memories from home… :oP

  11. supercell42

    Alex Jones doesn’t talk about the jesuits/jews though…he said he’s “not allowed” to go there.

  12. kaiagavin

    i would believe alex jones is the “big man” that michael claims he is if he would stop laughing at and making fun of or even worse making totally false claims about things he actually knows little to nothing about. Namely numerology and DMT for starters.

  13. gonobdotcom

    oh that works??

    ok i am getting on people to talk about their abduction experiences, off planet vacations and
    my friend the nephilem

  14. GnosticPrince

    Why has he not been back on Red Ice in a year or more ? Seems like if you don’t spout bullshit about moon landings, and UFO’s going from one planet to another, then you are not nearly as welcome on all of the talk radio outlets. Allan Watt said that he was not asked back to that show because of not going along with the alien agenda. Those forces could be anything from traditional spirits to aliens coming through vortexes, but they are NOT passing through the radiation to get here.

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