Michael Tsarion – Lisa Harrison Interview 11-09-11 – Occupy Your Mind

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Lisa Harrison Interviews Michael Tsarion. Recorded on November 9th, 2011. www.lisamharrison.com michaeltsarion.com


  1. darnok0611


    I’m fairly certain he has previously said that he deliberately stays away from his own spiritual views in these interviews.

  2. jamisturb0

    @Marinkorpse I agree I have actually considered both of those pontifications, metaphysically he does believe danger may exist in the psychedelic world but he doesn’t much so address impacts of entheogens on psychical transformations, these tools like Mckenna spoke of a lot may just be the perfect arcana for the self emphasized spiritual development that man has been repressed from and that society lacks immensely. So i agree i am a little interested more in his views on this subjec

  3. recklesswit2891

    is this lady stupid or something? why is she talking like that? How disrespectful!!!!!! Is she trying to sound stupid? Is she masturbating?

  4. cHronilogy

    @Marinkorpse What you write don’t even make sense.. And who are you to make such a judgement?

  5. Marinkorpse

    I wish MT got more in touch with his spiritual side. He is still very one sided and too intellectually driven. I hope the Universe throws a curve ball to him so that he can be more open minded and take his place as one the teachers of this new Era.

    PD: he is so against any use of tools to expand consciense. He does not difference between the “hippie debacle” and the new wave of Entheogenist. He should also loosen up his ideas on Eastern philosophy.

  6. TheIrishHipHopLegend

    Good Stuff MT , I all ways enjoy your work, I even enjoy it more when it’s a new video.

  7. rcacad

    @Davspirals ever seen the movie Equis? The kid falls in love with the horses and he worships them and feels as if their stable is their temple…..what happens when the horses see him at his darkest moment? He gouges out their eyes with a wheat sickle and runs around the barn naked cause they “saw” him. Jeasus is always watching. Santa is right around the corner. God knows when your good and bad ect… New religion in the form of internet brain teasers, grotesque sexual depravity, worshiping TV!

  8. Davspirals

    If children today decided to sacrafice their lives for new religion, parents would declare that behavior mad…

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