Michael Tsarion – Current Issues Interview 06-01-06

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Michael Tsarion on Current Issues with Dr. Hesham Tillawi. Recorded on June 1st, 2006. 'If we are to answer the question of how evil has really come into the world and if it is correct to state that it did so because of alien interaction, then the question appropriately arises as to how we are still battling with the problem of evil today. Why is it not all over and done with given that the conflict began in pre-diluvian times? Surely, if "evil" had conquered, then today there would be no question of "good" being an alternative or a presence in the world. And if "good" had triumphed, then today we would all be living in peace and harmony.' www.currentissues.tv www.michaeltsarion.com


  1. peopledick

    An actual STARGATE/PORTAL-THING was captured on film. The footage can be found within the short-film entitled “SUDDEN PORTHOLE”, which is currently parked at the PROJECT CAMELOT YouTube page (it’s under the George Noory video).

    I’m not selling anything…I’m just trying to spread the word about the unseen-dimensions we find ourselves embedded in.

    My BLOG contains the peripheral data regarding the movie and is where I reply to the “debunkers” (use search words “Sam Zurick” & “BLOG”). THANKS!!

  2. gonobdotcom

    Akhenaten was an artistic, political and religious revolutionary, who was branded a heretic after upsetting the pre-existing religious establishment. In establishing the sun god Aten as the supreme and only deity, Akhenaten ordered the closure of all temples in which other deities were worshipped; in consequence, the corrupt high priesthood could not continue to amass riches from the god-fearing Egyptian populace.

  3. gonobdotcom

    The heretic was ousted and, along with his followers, expelled into the Sinai peninsula (leading some, most notably Sigmund Freud, to speculate that Moses was in fact Akhenaten). The priesthood installed a puppet leader – Tutankhamun – and, after regaining power, began to eradicate evidence of Akhenaten’s reign. They destroyed the institutions he had established and the works of art that he had commissioned, and erased his name from the official lists of kings.

  4. workingmen1

    See the video ( GM Handicap kids ) are you driven with the wall street evil !
    from the video ( when car dealers attack ) only video in the world

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