Michael Tsarion – Bob Tuskin Interview 08-23-11

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Michael Tsarion on The Bob Tuskin Show. Recorded on August 23rd, 2011. michaeltsarion.com www.bobtuskin.com


  1. Mrgruffy44

    If the “masses” won’t awaken to the ancient knowledge, and behave as spiiritual beings, they will need and support a tyranical government. So those of us who are individual thinkers have no hope. So why bother trying to strive for higher awareness? The only way for Earth to attain peace and harmony is for the human race to become extinct.

  2. JolPil

    If the cells in our bodies were evil, they would not co-operate and our bodies will die. Evil and nature do not mix. It the sun was evil, it would only shine for the planets that had biological life.

  3. Blodwen0404

    Thanks for the upload PrometheanXVI! Your tireless striving to spread truth and love needs as much appreciation as those who you promote! Look forward to learning something new at Michael’s Presentation in London! Great interview! Thanks my fellow you tuber! :-)

  4. kellogs1985

    Much obliged my friend. Michael has some very interesting work that links in with alot of other things I have been researching.

  5. CY0PS

    Thanks for posting so quickly and I wont blemish my gratitude by criticizing Tuskin. Maybe later. peace

  6. suxxatguitar

    I think Mr. Tsarion should disassociate his self from the notion of allowing evil to eat itself up. The argument runs counter to that nature in the human to, apart from taking the path of least resistance, take action when presented with the situatuion of questioning his own survival. What part of nature will stop a man from burning a forest down? It’s too late when the trees are gone. Taking the matches from the individual is what our nature compels us to attempt. It’s us or them, period.

  7. guitardude1230

    With Michael being so picky about who he talks to im surprised he chose Tuskin as his conversation is generally kind of lofty and spastic. That said, this was a great update interview. Its good to hear new material from Michael. He sounds re energized. Thank you for posting this so quickly! You never fail your happy subscribers.

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