Michael Jackson was a Satanist and Illuminati Puppet Part 1 of 4

AprilandWayneShow asked:

Michael Jackson was a Satanist and His music is Satanic. Please renounce his music and all secular music (the devils music) Repent and follow Jesus Christ. (video by daughter) I saw michael Jackson john lennon selena in Hell Testimony: www.youtube.com AprilandWayneShow Website: www.aprilandwayneshow.com Craig Lews "Michael Jackson devil worshipper" video www.youtube.com Michael Jackson was demonic because he sold his sould to the devil. Michael Jackson was already talented, but satan enhanced his gift even more. And satan gave him power to cast spells on the audience with satanic signs (in the same way he gave Jay Z the "triangle" or diamond" symbol) such as "devil horns" and "666" signs. But Michael did them so fast so no one noticed. And you were usually too distracted by a dance move he was doing to notice. Michael was a magician and illusionist and he spellbound his fans so they would love him and buy his records. If you look very very close you will see Michael Jackson making satanic signs in almost every song. Footage: 1996 World Music Awards Earth song Earth Song live Royal Brunei Beat it Billie Jean Watch Angelica Zambrano and Emmanuel Agyarko testimony for more info on Michael Jackson and satanism. Also Pastor Craig Lewis. April and Wayne Show


  1. Bigedgpc

    I would like to thank the producers of this video for opening our eyes, I could only imagine how many of our top Artist are also
    Satanist,The devil runs the Music&the Movie industry!

  2. Lyss Neill

    I’m kinda sad though. I WAS a very big fan of him, but after I saw this, and another video about a girl that saw him in hell [her name is Angelica zambrano, u should look it up] I do believe he was a satanist and I stopped listening to his music and all of the other things. We need to stay true to God! Take care

  3. BlackSN8K

    that’s why i never participated in going to concerts… maybe God is watching over me to help avoid being in trance with the Devils tricks.

  4. Nickleby2

    If what you are saying is true. then is it possible that he did molest those boys and use his hypnotic power to influence the jury on the verdict? Remember they were in tears when they delivered the verdict then 2 jurers said that they thought he was guilty. Where do you stand on that one? just asking!

  5. swaggsplash17

    I kinda had a feeling he was but i could never bring myself to accept it. God gave him talent but he used and abused it for fame and fortune.

  6. possums1010

    If someone is a “christian”, they would not consider someone a “saint” and “idolize” them.

  7. AprilandWayneShow

    We have a NEW video in the video response of an unfortunate account of a young girl who witnessed Michael Jackson in Hell.

  8. Fenny3076

    Thanx for this info, but Can u do some research on the rolling stones too, they have to be satanists, making a song called sympathy for the devil

  9. Zeakg

    People sometimes just hate the truth. The bible did say in the last people will have itching ears for fables. Just because you see someone moonwalking across a stage doesn’t make spiritual, the moonwalk was part alester Cowley book of the law PLUS alot more things they were doing. When you see Michael Karen tell him i said Happy Sabbath ..Shalom

  10. soymiguelalejandro23

    i loved mike that was my man pero it’s undeniable to see what was really happening behind the scenes… to thee I sub. if you keep the words of truth in the ears of the people the heart and minds will follow…

  11. BayoTumpe

    I agree he was born with is talent. He wasn’t born white and I don’t believe the vitiligo crap story. Michael was immature and very intelligent a dangerous mixture. In order to achieve sucess, fame and forturne, artists sometimes seek higher powers. The end of his life told what was going on, he deaved into the super-natural and died a half dead half alive man/woman. Some catagorizes this as a nephilim spirit. All I know is Michael wasn’t born the way he died!!!!! Just keeping it real,

  12. mreinstein48

    But fans gave him devotion that is only allowed to Jesus our Lord, not to a human beeing…

  13. AprilandWayneShow

    The reason why there are so many satanist in the secular music industry is because its the devils music after all. Lucifer was the head of music in heaven and now he uses his gift to get souls in hell. And its working.

  14. tamimzion

    Oh, I notice the signs just now. He was so delicate and sad though he got so much. He chose a very wrong way of life. Who led him to become a very very young satanist? : ( We can trust and believe Jesus only. 除主耶穌以外別無拯救!!!

  15. MrMarfo1

    God bless the one who loaded this video. God bless uuuuuuuuuuuu, hey, u are too good.
    I’ve been a big fan of MJ since my childhood. I also realised the same signs u’ve shown but didn’t know to keep other fans informed.

  16. NtheNow

    It’s amazing how you can present the evidence that is overwhelming that MJ is Satanist but his followers (fans) will allow him to lead them to the pits of hell. MJ’s life was brought to an end and there is no hope of redemption beyond the grave for those that worship Lucifer…Their fate is sealed just like his.

  17. SuperBebegun

    sure he did that But yet he didnt worship God it dosent matter how much you give to the poor but if you dont worship God with all your heart it wouldn’t matter.And Michael before he got famous he made a bargain with the Devil to increase his fame and even today people who listen to his music are walking towards Hell. God warned him alot but he ignored God. Even the dance moves he did is done by Demons.

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