Michael Jackson speaks about 2012 Illuminati conspiracy

solarsoul2012 asked:

The illuminati killed michael jackson, that is why the doctor is not in prison. The illuminati are trying to keep him out of jail the "legal" way.


  1. LydiaDecourcyLove

    You people think too much he was talking about saving the world and that :p

  2. MelodiComposer373

    You all have to understand yes this was “Released ” 2009 . but they have been shooting since 2008 .. so 4 years IS 2012 but unity is the way to win the war on”the illuminati “.


    MJ was killed. He wanted out, listen to the song “Morphine” he talks about how he’s gonna die. Read along the lyrics as u listen.

  4. JazenValencia1

    M J was on a lotta drugs. Lets not forget that. Besides I think he was talking about biologic damage to the planet not some conspiracy. You be the judge.

  5. tiyacts13

    alot of people that REALLY know him said that was just an act in the public but when he is private many people didnt know who he was on the phone cause his voice was deep and tis was back in the 80s


    Sure, but don’t it seem kinda wired that his voice suddenly got deeper before he died, after his voice being feminine-sounding for all these years?

  7. codsniper4332

    I remember watching this in the theaters, I remember hearing that and I thought it was pretty weird, this was all before i ever heard of the illuminati

  8. jimjr1984

    I’m bad at math but if he recorded that in 2009, four years would be…….

  9. Doped2k7

    Another thing to keep in mind is the lightning mood in the room they’re in, someone doesn’t want us to see him.


    And another thing, before MJ died his voice just suddenly got deeper, I’m not saying he’s alive, but that’s not him!! Illuminati probably already killed him before 2009.


    Well, this was recorded in 2009 and MJ said we have FOUR years to get ready, well 2009 plus four years is 2013 not 2012.

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