michael jackson “illuminati” SCENE 1

titolove21 asked:

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  1. iacovacci1789

    You are an idiot. Really? You really dont have anything better to do? The illuminati are also a bunch of idiots.

  2. sw3210

    well it has to be tru….MJ has the sun in outdoor day scenes, the moon at night and lights in rooms and dark alleys. WTF? so do I…aw shit! Methinks some people need to get a life

  3. McLover20121221

    haahahah so there should be no lights in concerts, music videos, or anywhere else
    otherwise you’re illuminati

  4. YurrahAlHadi

    MJ was anti-illuminati. He made that clear in his video Smooth Criminal and They Dont Care About Us. In Smooth Criminal, you will find a lot of Illuminati references, he used them to show us what’s really happening. By the end of his Smooth Criminal video, he had destroyed everything that had to do with Illuminati, so the refences were there to let the Illuminati know that he was not with them, and destroying the references made it more clear.

  5. YogiBear1996

    he knew what he was doing.thats why he did all of that.believe it or not , he was forced in it when he was a kid.and his only way out is to “Die”.

  6. michael290758

    if someone has it in a music video has a reflector to light is Satan? make me laugh

  7. einrib4truth

    “WHEN?” is the “Intelligent(?) Human Race ” ever going to Wake-UP! and understand that every single World-Wide Religious believe structure has TOTALLY been Orchestrated By MAN… To CONTROL… MAN! ALL Symbolism; Rituals; Clothing: and Architecture has ALL been created by MAN! There is, nor has there EVER BEEN, anyone person who can Categorically PROVE that there is anything else but THIS LIFE! Michael Knew that the Zionist/Jews were behind “EVERYTHING!” that’s why they KILLED HIM! “Wake-UP!”

  8. Romanceville

    This video is stupid, it makes no sense, and obviously someone didn’t know how to do their homework, because if you know anything about Michael, then you would know he was totally AGAINST ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. edyszewy

    You fucking asshole, you have no clue about what you doing here, he was AGAINST illuminati.

  10. matheusatallah

    5:34 this is so ridiculous that he put a picture of the concert that has many different illuminations.

  11. pabloprado77

    son luces porfavor!! como un iluminati compondria canciones como “earth song” we are the world or heal the world mejor piensalo  y analiza tu video! lo digo con todo el respeto del mundo ya que es tu forma de pensar! salu2

  12. pabloprado77

    eres un linatico SON UNAS MALDITAS LUCES PORFAVOOOR!! NO SIGNIFICA NADA! ademas porque un iluminati cantaria canciones para sanar el mundo ayudar a la gente?? eh?

  13. cshmittadd31

    @nosaj2001 I realize he was a Jehovah’s witness. But what I was saying was that there were a lot of influences around him as a child and growing up. He didn’t exactly grow fully pure, if you remember he started out singing in strip clubs and other joints. There were a lot of people around him that wanted to get a hold of him. He was a commodity, man! The Illuminati will use anything to do their works.

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