Mayan Calendar December 21st 2012 Prophecy Predictions

darcomurphy asked:

"Like It" if you like it! Mayan prophecy 2012 predictions. The Maya predict destruction at the end of the long count calendar on December 21st 2012. This video was created as an assignment in CIT-173 course at Miami University Middletown. Soundtrack by Prince Negaagellaga Feat, Starcrimes & A Million. Album Birth of a King Instrumental Composed by Clint Mansel


  1. MysteryBounty

    @SGR1000 Their communities have already fallen, why would they have kept a calander going for this many years after their existance if something wasnt gonna happen

  2. NewEraWishes

    Be serious and stop the dooms energetic buildup of 2012! Make your positive wish for the new era on Newerawishes(DOT)com

  3. strontiumdog19

    @SGR1000 I agree with you – The Mayan’s, clever as they were did not know of a world outside their own. I do believe that the Long Count means something but, certainly not the end of the world.

    Indeed, i won’t take out a huge Credit Card Balance in December 2012 in the hope i don’t have to pay it back in 2013..

  4. Thentheresthetruth

    NEWSFLASH…………US Vows Nuclear War against China

  5. SGR1000

    And in February, then a meteorite and comet will strike the earth at the same time (if there is anything left) and there will be a third world war because of it all where the muslims will fight the Jews and the Christians and all their nuclear war heads will hit everywhere all at teh same time as the holocaust where the devil is coming and everyone will die ” All I can say is …. Go home hug your kids and say goodbye because xmas 2012 is going to be a bitch”

  6. SGR1000

    This is Your facts “The doomsday people” we will be hit by a planet, and a comet and the suns rays will burn us all, the earth will shake all over, the earths poles will swap instantly, the magnetic poles will swap before this and the sunamis will run amock, then God will come down in the form of weird huge aliens and kill everyone except those that prey to God or them and then Jesus will return after another ressurection, then the earth will stay still for three days on december 21st

  7. SGR1000

    The mayans may have foretold about the end of their calander but this has nothing to do with the end of the world because the Mayans world was a small insignificant place they had no knowledge of lands outside their realm so when they talk about the end of the world they mean their world or piece of it , they had no knowledge of Europe, America, Africe or Austrailia etc they lived a simple life in little communities so when their calander runs out it is their little communities that will fall.

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