1. vx3k

    Obama – “Maybe some other folks are on their way ”
    He said this in a debate in 2008 when asked about life outside earth, he said this at the end under his breath
    Return of the ancestors

  2. TheAwakian

    The world as we know it consciously in terms of economics and division will end, not the world in its entirety. 2012 will be a window into a timeline when we have learnt the error of our mistakes and will know how to treat one another with dignity like brothers and sisters, regardless of skin colour or creed.

  3. SloSnipeSkill

    The prophecy doesnt say that the world ends, it says that it will be the start of a better life. And some discoveryes show that mayan had space ship like drawings on walls, so maybe the aliens will come and show us the right way to live. Not to forget about the techonolic revolution .

  4. CapnDumpsterDiver

    @Anet000 In 2012, its the end of an era, we begin a new era or epic timeline. According to the mayan codec’s it is not an end to the world only a end of a epic, we start a new one then, the Age O Aquarius. He is refering to the Mayan returning, The Sun God’s of the mayan are E.T.’s. If you look on my channel, these are the Ancient Mayan People’s returning to the world. However, these are the Great great great great great great gandchildren to the ancestor’s of the Mayan Sun God’s.

  5. MsKittenz1

    The world will not end. The Bible says this is a world with no end. but the world as we know it will change and that is what we ALL need to prepare for……there will be some scary things happening in the next few years. the book of Revalations speaks on some things we need to be ready for.

  6. sekula1999

    @Timasuarus007 well all religionas say that we should get rid of evil, or small ego as they say, it’s really just clowding our vision and progress, IDK if this is alien or a human artwork, I guess you can find out if you analyze how the crops were bent. sometimes I whish we were alone here…

  7. xTwinBladEx

    see its just a new year with special guests! no dooms day, people just thaught that because the mayas were crappy artist’s and didnt make a good enough picture for people


    It would be nice if they actually had english captions on the bottom of the screen so we could really understand what they’re saying 

  9. chhaoww

    This man said,…. Let the sun come up
    Let the sun go down.
    Like…. Stop focusing so far ahead!
    Just let the day be what it is,
    Fear is caused by worries and focusing on unimportant things.
    Focusint on the future and end of the Days and all that is poison.
    None of those thoughts are going to help you enjoy your day better.
    Thank you, God bless.

  10. blkgirlblues5150

    The wise 1s that started civilization and became slaves out threw the world will return as Gods. And peace will be on the earth as it should.

  11. LoserMillionaire

    @ayayay111 the mayans predicted that by the days of the calendar’s end. humans will become wistful of human essence. it’s true you know how we miss the music from 2 ,3 and 4 decades ago. as well as liberating ideas instead of that political correctness b.s . nothing that a little mandatory cannabis won’t help kick start. so you might be right.

  12. Marronisince1990

    When the power of love, overcomes the love of power. The world will know peace… N’ I can see it happening now. More & more each day, people are waking up. I live in the UK, we feel it here too! x

  13. sekula1999

    @Anet000 I don’t know, his message reminds me of Bible things, return of the wise, Jesus is coming? Good people inherit the Earth?

  14. oxtotl

    The origins of the Tzolkin and all Mesoamerican calendrics share common roots that predate what we know of Maya or Aztec. Archeologist identified an early culture as Olmec…but all we really know- common ancestry of calendar idea predates what you call “Mayan and Aztec”. Hope this makes sense. They have in common a cycle based on agriculture and astronomy. The symbols and language are divergent. The Mayan glyphs are the most intricate of information that epigraphers can decipher of dates.

  15. MiklePrickles

    if these ET’s imparted knowledge to ancient civilisations when humans were little more than monkeys, then i fear they will be disappointed to find little has changed on our beloved mother earth amongst the majority of her population

  16. xingwei12

    @LuxorMedia He does say a lot more , This is just a short clip ,. I have full one my channel.

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