LSD & Acid Trips Effects Documentary, Hot Facts Girl Kayleigh

hotfactsgirls asked:

LSD & Acid Trips Effects Documentary, Hot Facts Girl Kayleigh Kayleigh give you a video all about LSD, what it is, who invented it, what the effects of lsd are, what the CIA did with LSD mind control experiments, how LSD affects the mind, the use of LSD by the hippies in the 60s, what illusions LSD can create and a whole lot of other stuff not associated with acid rain or acid jazz music. This is by your hot teacher Kayleigh the Hot Facts Model or Fun Facts Girl. http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http Copyright 2010 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.


  1. twistycat

    It wasn’t 257 micrograms, it was 257 milligrams. A small change in letters but a pretty big change in dosage.

    So much for the ‘facts’


    although weed is the best thing ever i still enjoy a hit of acid more than bud, but you cant beat a fat ass bowl of danky dank with your friends.

  3. N1CKL337

    My first trip was terrible I tryed to play gears of war 2 I thought i was going to die I called some friends yelling into my phone that I was going to die I was slapping my self so hard I had welts on my body because I thought spiders were crawling all over me overall it was TERRIBLE

  4. poepflater

    LSD does nothing to you, you do everything to yourself… learn to control yourself and you can control your experience.

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