Los illuminati II, La Conspiración Anticristo, en español Parte 2

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The Antichrist Conspiracy, Documental de Chris Everard del 2006, es el segundo volumen de Los Illuminati, subtitulado al español. Para descargar el documental versión corregida: www.megaupload.com Por partes: Parte 1: www.megaupload.com Parte 2: www.megaupload.com Parte 3: www.megaupload.com Parte 4: www.megaupload.com


  1. Mayra Abarca

    La publicación más controversial de todas con relación al linaje é identidad del Anticristo, está ahora disponible para los clientes españoles
    Robin de Ruiter, autor de 58 años es probablemente el escritor europeo sobre conspiración, más prominente después de David Icke. El autor es una autoridad a nivel mundial en el tema de los Illuminati y el gobierno Mundial!
    En este nuevo libro ahora disponible on line, de Ruiter muestra como los “Illuminati” que han estado operando debajo del disfraz de los políticos globales, han tratado por décadas de destruir el existente “Orden Mundial” a fin de crear la dictadura del “Nuevo Orden Mundial”, un diseño global para un Nuevo Gobierno Mundial, un Dictador Mundial y sus secuaces.
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    Una gran publicación que consta de 6 partes, 350 páginas y un marcador de pié de notas adicionales.
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    Adicionalmente contiene el último libro del autor “La venidera transición mundial”.

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  2. Mayra Abarca

    Conspiracy Classic Contains Many Pearls (Encore)

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Robin de Ruiter, 58, is perhaps the most prominent European conspiracy writer after David Icke but his ten books have been available only in Spanish, Italian, French, Czech, Serb, German and Dutch.

    Recently an expanded and updated English translation of his classic “Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines” has appeared. If anyone still doubts that a satanic cabal, the Illuminati, is responsible for all wars and depressions and is intent on enslaving mankind, I heartily recommend this book.

    A Dutchman raised in Spain, and now living in Equador, de Ruiter has been studying the Illuminati since the 1980’s. He writes with the assurance of a man who has deciphered the plan. For example, he doesn’t hesitate to place the Rothschilds and “their bank,” the Bank of International Settlement in Basle, at the top of the pyramid. (Puppet Obama will put another trillion in their pocket before the month is out.)

    De Ruiter uses familiar sources but because he is a polyglot, he has access to some important new ones. For eg. De Ruiter recounts the story of a Spanish geneticist who showed that there was no difference in the genetic origin of Jews and Palestinians. He was met with a storm of opposition from Zionists and quickly dropped this field of study. The anecdote shows that, even if the Jews weren’t a race, the important thing is that they think they are. (p.155)

    In 350 pages and 47 Chapters, de Ruiter surveys the New World Order, some parts in groundbreaking detail. He exposes the facts behind the death of Slobodan Milosevic, the 9-11 attacks (the topic of a separate book by de Ruiter), the Freemasons, the education system, descendants of Judah, the Satanic bloodlines, their Satanic rituals, the Mormon Empire, the Jehovah Witnesses, the music industry and the “Great White Brotherhood.”

    In the following, I’ll present a sample of some of the provocative information available in this volume:

    + The Antichrist will choose Jerusalem as the capital of his global empire. European Jews had no interest in moving to Israel. Therefore Nazism was created partly to establish Israel. There was formal collaboration between Nazis and Zionists. The Nazis allowed German Jews to transfer their money (and even the value of their homes and factories) to Palestine in the form of German industrial products. Thus, indirectly, the Nazis built Israel’s industrial infrastructure. The Zionists were allowed a large network of training camps in Germany. The Zionists were not interested in elderly Jews or young children. De Ruiter claims that they blew up the ship “Patria” in Haifa harbor in 1940 killing 260 people, not because the British wouldn’t let them in but because the passengers were undesirable as settlers. (p.196)

    + In his early days in Vienna, Hitler was not anti-Semitic and his friends were mostly Jews. His Jewish friend Reinhold Hanisch wrote, “Hitler at that time looked very Jewish, so that I often joked with him that he must be of Jewish blood, since such a large beard rarely grows on a Christian’s chin.” De Ruiter supports the view that Hitler’s grandfather was a Rothschild, who financially supported his grandmother. (p.174)

    +The Nazis were largely funded by Illuminati Jewish multinationals like I.G. Farben, German General Electric and German American Petroleum. The Jewish bankers Warburgs transferred 128 million Deutschmarks to Hitler (roughly $30 million.) The Rothschild-run Bank of England handed Hitler Czech assets worth six million pounds. The Rothschild’s Royal Dutch Shell, run by Jews, Peter Montefiore Samuel and Robert Waley-Cohen gave Hitler 50 million Deutschmarks. (p. 180)

    + A common practice among the Illuminati is to adopt out their children. Then a biological father will impregnate his own daughter and the child will be sacrificed to Satan. (p.122)

    + Like Israel, Nazi Germany and the USSR, the United States is an Illuminati creation. “The Illuminati use the US as a springboard for their world leadership to subject other countries and to eliminate the remaining heads of state.” (p.33)

    + The Illuminati operate under many guises. De Ruiter quotes The Instructions of the Order: “It is important that the objectives are realized; the mask that is used is not important as long as there is a mask.” Communism, Zionism, Nazism, Feminism, and apparently even Americanism can be seen in these terms. The key for us is to separate valid ideals from the hidden agenda which they mask.


    Robin de Ruiter writes: “We are dealing with an incredibly powerful conspiracy that controls all areas of our lives to a near perfection.” (38) The genius of this conspiracy is that most people are unaware of it. They simply act out of a combination of indoctrination (education), propaganda and perceived self interest.

    The elite is dedicated to a suicidal crusade against civilization. This conspiracy is shrouded in a second conspiracy, one of silence. Most everyone is afraid to speak out, or perceives some personal advantage in cooperating. (See my “Fighting an Invisible Force.”)

    A Satanic power conquers by degrading and corrupting the victim so that its eventual demise is like Divine retribution, deserved.

    As conditions continue to deteriorate, more people will demand the truth and turn to books like Robin de Ruiter’s “Worldwide Evil and Misery” for insight.

  3. Mayra Abarca

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    Author is a World Authority on the Rise of the Antichrist and World Government!

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    Just Some of the 50+ Key Issues in Worldwide Evil and Misery

    Contains one of the most frightening revelations on how the Movie Industry including some of Disney’s most popular children movies have been encoded with significant symbolism and hidden messages to indoctrinate young children from a very early age. Every Parent Must See this! (Page 340)

    Incredible evidence of a covert system to control and modify weather patterns to create panic and disaster as well as influence public opinion! (Page 319)

    The reason why a plan is already being implemented to reduce the worlds population! (Page 82)

    What is the Controversy regarding the Lost Tribes of Israel? (Page 146)

    How is the International Economic Order emerging from the shadows? (Page 68)

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    How and Why is there an Increased Undermining of the Christian Faith? (Page 105)

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