London Closing Ceremony Paralympics Illuminati Bombing On The 9-9-12? Part 1

thespybird00 asked:

Just because the illuminati didn't attack in the Olympic games doesn't mean there won't be any more false flag attacks. Watch both parts. Part 2: http://www....


  1. Justin Langford

    1 minute it’s the opening ceremony, next day it’s the olympics closing
    ceremony & now some idiot has created a new illuminati video saying it’s on
    september 9th, why do you want this to happen to see everyone die?. Whoever
    is creating the olympic conspiracy video’s are trying encourage terrorists
    & whoever uploaded this obviously wants their head looked at. Who’s behind
    this & why is this crap uploaded for? You could get yourself in a lot of
    trouble for this upload m8 do you know that.

  2. vibeuk2003

    You know what this video and most of the comments here show me… That
    religious Christian folks are just as crazy as Extremist Muslims… Proud

  3. Eto613

    i clicked the right(side) meteror it shows 6 loins surronding a hidden
    message or rittle or poem

  4. gwl78

    ha ha your wrong please tell me when the aliens plan to attack and when
    lizard people start running the world fucking hell get a life.

  5. MF443

    @multibambams Muslim are against illuminati you asshole !!! That’s why
    illuminati accuse Muslims of terrorism


    i understand your worries but this is a solid video it has much evidence in
    it you should be happy he is getting word out if it saved your life you’d
    be happy or are you one of those paid to try and discredit the hard work of
    men like him and i and the rest of humanity

  7. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Nearly 30 mins till we find out the truth… They prob won’t around 618,000
    people know , I think there’s a BIG chance of it happen, but they might
    have to cancel this since so much know

  8. Eto613

    then it haves to metrors between it haves hidden word like ma’
    an-neb-men-aa’ ma’at-ba-aa…… please see for yourself

  9. Alistair Walker

    Evidence, I see no evidence here just rumors and speculation based on what
    would seam to be very little information, and to be honest if you wake up
    every day and say that the world will end today then one day you will be
    right, but for know take you place among the alchemists and snake oil sales

  10. Eto613

    ”At east of the world stands The midnight mountain Eternally his is light
    is poforming The human beings eye cannot see him And still is there

  11. Eto613

    yercroS is a unavirstiy in a different language and go to english at the
    bottom right coner of pyrimid it ask u a rittle i tried human (as anwser) i
    got into it . try for yourself please respond to me when u get chance (any

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