1. reksub10

    all this satanic stuff in songs is getting a bit old now its boring ,they are all saying look at me im unique but they all sing about doing the same things wearing the same things buying the same things and on and on

  2. suchaveggiegal

    @TruthLover87 i think its more of an expose. an attempt to make ppl more aware of the music they listen to. thru watching videos such as this, i have eliminated a number of artists that i listen, and i am also more conscious of the lyrics.myself and many others have had our eyes opened.

  3. Young7Prince

    Lil Wayne came in the game as a pure vessel intakin by a man who had a gospel call on his life but eventually let the love of money overtake him along with his emotions of pain and basically brainwashed lil wayne into becoming like him a ” jr ”
    lil wayne kept those “birdman” principles even if they grew into something satanic, he would stick to it. Lil Wayne is a follower of satan now. I plead the blood of Jesus over lil waynes life because he is still a pure vessel.

  4. jambrandon531

    i see so many Christians struggling i had a very religious upbringing and i see so many people who aren’t living a christian life succeeding makes me wonder should i pray to Satan

  5. TruthLover87

    @TheRapDude You Need To Pray For Yourself, Stop Promoting The Devil’s Music On Your Page And Repent. Christ Didn’t Die So He Could Follow You. Follow Him. Those Artist Don’t Care About You

  6. secondshen

    all I gottta say is that if your soul is pure and if you’re saved then people like this CAN’T cut you like a cantilope and they can’t do anything to you. They only feed off the weak.

  7. Reaper74ful

    @FemmeFemmeFemme well what makes u any better than him? yea he is lookin evil at that but still u cant judge him for that yo..we all fall short of the glory of God. u can only help him by praying to God for him and praying against satans chain around his neck kenfolk. be real with the word not half-way with it choosing who to save and not to save. U aint nobody Savior. and thats real. so look out for him if u a so called real christian believer

  8. FemmeFemmeFemme

    I’ll pray for him when he repents!!! I won’t pray for an unrepentant beast being used and showing allegiance to satan. repentance first and then restoration. Not the other way around….

  9. 1000lilchad

    Please Pray For Lil Wayne, it is not 2 late for him !!! His Blood is still running warm in his Veins (“He is alive”)…..satan is on a chain he can only go so far wit the approval of Jesus…I know from experience.Everybody has a God given Free Will Y or N…When U have the Holy Spirit & Speak The Name Jesus, satan wit his demons tremble .We cannot serve God & Mammon”Money”, either Love 1 or Hate the other.God is not going anywhere. I know when we leave this earth ,cant take a penney wit Us!

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