Killuminati : Tupac exposing the illuminati pt3/18

WindowsAccount asked:

Watch the entire vid it gets better as it goes on. Killuminati pt 3


  1. ybsking1

    Tattoo Tears- Tobias- my cover!!!! Listen!!! Listen!!! Good music!!! Give feedback!!! Comments!!!

  2. flstudiosbeatz

    * Why? because the illumanati obviously set this up! and you tryna tell me the Illumanati has better things to worry about? think again… Real talk muthafuka…..

  3. flstudiosbeatz

    What are you talking about ? Pac didnt promote all those things you say he did yeah hes a thug because he came from the gutter he doesnt rap usual shit he RAPS about real life situations he became a hero to people who came from high poverty places not only that people could connect with him because hes always spot on with what he raps about.The Illumanati was worried about him getting so close to exposing them thats why he was gunned down even his murder case was filed and till today no killer..

  4. rdknight6

    The Illuminati got bigger things to worry about than a rapper that promotes thug life, violence, guns popen, womenizing and the usual rap shit-he was no threat; they were worried about what he would become when he actually grew the fuck up! Remeber he was barley 25 years old and you don’t know shit at that age; you just think you do! Real talk muthafucka…….

  5. rdknight6

    Yra Killuminati: Final Warning the book is the best book to read about the Illuminati and all they have done to humanity and what they are planning!

  6. rdknight6

    Yea well the Illuminati are destorying the American economy, weakening our military through prolonged war, poisoning our bloodstream with mercury filled vaccinations, getting Americans fat and sick with genetically modified foods (GMF), they are encouraging woemn to be whores through Feminism and the Womens Liberation Movement. They want a one world fascist government, a mirco-chipped popualtion, a one world money currency, and a decrease in the earths popualtion by 90%! Wake dumbshit!

  7. TheCharleslang

    ILLUMINATI IS STUPID SHIT 4 IDIOTS, COME 2 CLUB CRUCIAL. We rep dat RED flag 4 our RED LORD, Banging 4 Belphegor and Belial. GOD HAVE NEVER HELPED US, on da corner trappin, everybody on dem MOLLYS shootin up da block! U HAVE NEVER BEEN SHOT, or seen ur friends die cuz “GOD” think thats rite. SATAN HOLD OUR BACK, 1147 Zone 4 Piru Killer Bloodz, str8 from da mud, str8 like dat. FUCK ERRYTHING WE FUCKING KILL EVERYONE TRIPLE 6 TiTaNiUm DiCk CrEw WE DA REAL A, WE AND BRICK SQUAD AND DUCT TAPE MOB

  8. BradyA1124

    I sincerely hope you’re right. I’ve been a member of the Freemasons since 2006 and I still have people assuring me that I know nothing about it. I explain it like this …when you were in high school there were 4 grades. You went thru them as you passed and there was a school board that managed all the schools in the district and state and nation. Thats the same hierarchy as Freemasonry. There’re no hidden levels and no conspiracy. I know that may be hard to swallow.

  9. sollak94

    song name ?!?!?! on the ur opinion killuminati song.. please answer! 2pac rest in peace

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