1. blizzyXL

    you have to understand… his parents were black panthers. they taught him this at an early age. the panthers knew ALOT about the governemnt. thats why they were killed off.

  2. killuminati7777777

    Shit it took me 21 years on my own to see the truth,
    my parents still don’t even know about this shit, they would probably freak out, most people can’t handle the truth & take the blue pill instead.

    Expose the illuminati

  3. Marcell2aG

    Tupac was awake at an early age.

    Even when he was 17, he would rap about the corruption of the government.

    The man was wise beyond his years, and way before his time.

  4. Dzoni73

    dude you need only 15 minutes to record a song and tupac was LIVIN in recording studio… !!!!!!!!!
    stop with alive bullshit..

  5. killuminati7777777

    Pac was the smartest person in the rap industry, his mom as you all know was a member of the black panthers and they are opposed to the illuminati/government- he probably knew the truth as a kid..

  6. murdaAftaMidnight

    wow. that first line i picked on wuts going on today. this nigga is talking about wuts coming out now back in the 90’s

  7. Canibus2855

    he spit tht on the movie “resurrection” if u remember he was spitting tht verse like at a school concert he had high top fade at the time or park concert forgot haven’t seen it in so long but i never knew wat song it was i always wanted to kno as well

  8. malx45

    omg what is the 1st song , ! this nigga pac got so many songs i never heard and i’m like wtf ? dont i got 400 songs on my computer ? what else is there i didnt fkking hear !

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