1. warlockedown

    2:05 You was askin? For a year? How about get a job and buy your own food. All bullshit aside it is as simple as that.

  2. cindytomato

    The government was afraid of Tupac because people of all races loved him and he had real power where people would have listened to him. That is why they tried to frame him with rape and all the other shit. The scum rises to the top, as in you know who his “friends” were and how rich they are now.

  3. wilson79artman

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  4. ikbenylli22

    if you do not control your
    own life, someone else will do it for you. And if
    nothing is there to control your life and you are still
    unwilling to take responsibility This government was created by YOU. This
    illuminati was created by YOU.
    But you havenet bought yourself to accepting
    this ABSOLUTE TRUTH. No one created this
    fighting to no avail because you are fighting against
    something that is not even there! 

  5. ikbenylli22

    at least my name is not justin bankerbarnet homo !
    uuum i dont have false information my information comes from expierice i work 1 day a week monday just 3 hours i make enough money i get pussy whenever i want to i life like u people (the sheeple ) want to instead u people are programmed to go to school and slave for years good look with that !! good look slaving while im getting pussy good luck getting a regular ugly bitch ! good look having 2 nigger ugly children good luck justinnigger !

  6. Justin Bankerbarnett

    you..are..retarded.. this is the absolute dumbest comment on all of the internet’s websites this holds no truth to be evident you are a dumbass with no logical reasoning or truthful information please do something with your life instead of commenting false and ridiculous information

  7. thanh truong

    The way you spell does not express any further meanings, the way you express yourself through language just shows what kind of person you really are. You reply to me like you won the argument or something, you just basically used big words which have no relevance to what the fuck I told you, its also time for you to learn how to read as well.

  8. ikbenylli22

    I purposely spell like a blindfolded downs child who has anextra ‘retard chromosome the most overlooked social control mechanisms,ever:grammar .Simply put, spelling and grammer are simply CONTROL mechanisms for the weak minded. Itdiverts the TRUE purpose of LANGUAGE – whichis to CONVEY A MESSAGE. SO ITS TIME FOR U TO GET EDUCTED NIGGER

  9. thanh truong

    There is nothing that makes my name retarded. The worst way to get embarrassed is when the person doesn’t know when they are, you’re just an idiot laughing because you have nothing to say. It’s 2013, its time for you to learn how to spell.

  10. ikbenylli22

    I really do not know what this has to do with anything u are just pissed off need a hug = thanh tuong the most retardet matha nigger nama i hava ava heard matha fucka nigger feeln ma ? ^^^^lolololol

  11. thanh truong

    Mate you can even do a 360 without jumping right off the board, the only sponsors you would have are your mum and your crumby ass friends. Instead of using a offensive word to a large population, you should go to school, drop skating and learn how the fuck to spell, you even have spell check use your fucking head.

  12. ikbenylli22

    I clearly offented u Wat does my skating have to do with this video ? and i skate because its fun and im very good at it i have 2 sponsers shifty and liquid ^^

  13. Jon Ford

    theres no actual facts. but look at eazy life style no safe sex dirty hoes and a mother fucker named suige knight lol. people tend to blame the illuminati for everything when really there just a girl scouts for politics.

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