Justin Bieber Satan’s Satanic Distraction

savedbyjesusblood asked:

Satan will use anyone to draw them to themselves away from the true living God. At this time, Satan is using Justin Bieber to draw millions of young minds away from God to the false belief that Justin Bieber and his music are important. Only the things of God are important. May people turn from their idolatrous ways back to the living God. I hope the young man Justin gets saved one day, and can use his music to bring God glory instead of Satan.


  1. judahbenhur1000

    Hey dude I appreciate your perspective and I believe he is just another pawn, more than likely if your famous satan has inadvertanly put you there, like Bono,oprah,and other professing christians who have the christian world fooled thinking they are. Thats how you get decieved. I want to know though how the heck did you get Stryper in there? Even christians dont have it all together but they openly confess JESUS CHRIST and the need to be born again.

  2. anniebieberduh

    Justin’s Christian. He said that he believes, jesus died for his sins. And his mom, on twitter (@studiomama) always tweets lines from the bible.

  3. girlnamedterry

    me being an ex-born again christian, find no reason to hate justin bieber or ignore him. i dont find any reason to being blessed by memorising the word of “GOD” and not actually living it. Christianity on a whole is satanism, be it protestant, or catholic. I personally believe God is everywhere, just as satan. that brings us to concluding life is math, and anything can happen. Jesus, did never want a religion, the devil did, and we have been fooled. thank God and may God Bless you, sir.

  4. Daphnecharlot

    First of all.
    Hes christian,
    He dosen’t write his songs.
    Please repy.

  5. EricTheNihilist

    Wow, that makes no sense what so ever, and doesn’t even begin to address the point I made. God needs worship because he made me? To that I reply again with, why does he NEED worship?

    PS. god didn’t make shit because he’s an elaborate figment of your imagination. you exist because your mom passed out in the same room as your drunken father, not because of some all powerful magicians vanity project.

  6. matthew9851

    Well because God created you. You should be thankful you’re here. He didn’t have to makes us choose our own way! He can just make us like robots, worshipping God, but he loved us, so he even gave us freedom and his own son!

  7. matthew9851

    Of course Satan exists. If you don’t want to think about bad stuff, then y r u thinking about it? Heaven and Hell exists, and as long as you believe and follow God’s commands then you’ll go to heaven!

  8. DuffPaddy1

    Wow! Do you really believe this? Satan exists and has a plan? JK Rowling wrote a story about good and evil.

  9. EricTheNihilist

    Why does your “all powerful” god need worship? does he feed off prayers? will it starve him if people care more about justin beiber or xbox than him? doesn’t sound too all powerful a guy to me.

  10. Amessagehidden

    It doesn’t say the whole nigga bomb the banks or whatever.. if you slow it down and enhance the audio, it actually says “your money reaps the world, Justin B, obey Satan.. whole wide world, world, new world, new.. ” I enhanced the audio and you can find it under my videos, ITS FREAKY!!!

  11. HowDecent

    I would like to know more about your knowledge towards Satan and satanic releases. Back-masking . Add me as a friend. Despite my age my lack of knowledge is high for my age. You know about being Aware!!

  12. HowDecent

    I would like to know more about your knowledge towards Satan and satanic releases. Back-masking .

  13. Shiggity1231321

    lol u are all brainwashed by a dumb fucking book, have u not realized yet that if god existed this world wouldnt be so fucked, 666 satannn sataann buttholeee fuk yuuu

  14. OriginalTyrone

    I’m a Christian and do you know that in several interviews Justin Bieber has claimed to be a Christan and saved even in his videos on his original channel you can find him singing about god. I simply believe he got to the place that he is at with god but I do agree that some people do idolize him too much. And also you can see in clips on youtube justin praying with he friends.

  15. Gruurk2

    Yeah, this goes back to people like Elvis and alike. It doesn’t have to be a short duration pop personally. It can be like when we were chaps and someone was good at rugby or footbal or whatever. it’s always something to take your eyes off of the truth. Shabbat Shalom brother.

  16. DeathToTheFlesh

    You’re fucking stupid if you’re trying to compare 7 year olds reading some book to ignoring a poof of hocus pocus lonely never-weds like yourself occupy time with to avoid pill popping or hanging.

    I don’t know you get off saying a song about wanting a kid’s girlfriend back is occult. You’re a babbling crosseyed goony goof.

  17. fakebrake

    Truth brother. This idol worship comes in many forms and can catch you off guard. Thank you for sharing this message brother.

  18. Enoch2

    Amen brother, it’s true! I hope some young people who don’t know Jesus see this and get motivated to pick up their Bible and get into it! Learn the truth and be made free, God is good! He will give you something real, Himself, to fruitfully think about and serve, instead of something pointless in the end like music stars etc. God’s love will satisfy you, fulfill you and change you into something beautiful and free!

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