Justin Bieber Illuminati Linked?

og0786 asked:

Is This Supposed To Be The Illuminati Triangle? Has Justin Been Used for Symbolism In His Videos? WELL GUESS WHAT HE IS FOR MORE INFO PLZ WATCH.....www.youtube.com


  1. AntiSatanAndAdDajjal

    they have not yet fallen to this level, zionists control all and the media, music industry, movies, games and all that shows to people, but Freemasons and their Illuminati, slaves of zionists and help his for dirty business, spreading evil and commit evil

  2. superfawful65

    Really? That’s the best you could come up with? He’s making the letter A because he uses it in his songs? HAHA. What a shit!

  3. leleh1992

    You’re crazy man. Justin Bieber isn’t illuminate and this symbol means the letter “A” because he sings the letter A many time in this music HAHA. What a shit!

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