Justin Beiber – using illuminati handsignes exposed! [[Using 666 Symbolism]]

memzmemz asked:

Another puppet? He probably has no idea what the symbolism he's using actually means - I'm not calling him a satanist or a baby eater or anything like that. I don't know him or anything about him. I've had a lot of people jokingly (or sometimes mockingly) tell me i should look at JBeiber or that I'd probably even find occult symbolism around JBeiber. Well there you go. Nobody rides THEIR machine to stardom without being used as a vehicle for brainwash and social engineering. Eye can see it - because it's there!


  1. minney102

    He is not a devil worshiper cuz he already a christian so thats not true tht he worship the devip

  2. baseballplayer319

    Shut the fuck up its called rock sighn u assholes look lady gaga does horns and justin does rock and those eye pics are fake u can fucking tell

  3. samueli94

    are you guys joking? He said in an interview that he is virgin and he’s gonna stay like that until he get married,because he is a stronger believer in God

  4. BHNZsam

    fucking ridiculous. if you fags actually believe this why isnt he dead yet? fucking cowards bodyguards arent that hard to get past and it isnt hard to put a knife into someones head

  5. pigpigshoes88

    um sweety no ones saying ur the devil. if ur doing those signs ask yourself what does this mean? its not the rock sign. sooooo……….?

  6. cb90222

    ,no it’s not a “rock sign” kiddo,it’s a Nazi symbol & an upside down brtoken cross. Do your homework & Google those things, you’ll find the truth.

  7. TheAlygirl23

    I do those hand signs all the time!! It’s not bad!! I don’t know people make a big deal out of it!! I never knew a “peace sign” could actualy mean “I’m the devil” or something!! Haha y’all people are crazy!!

  8. TheAlygirl23

    @SuperBeautyStarr yes I am christian and yes I just “cursed” I’m not gonna go to hell because I said those words.. Also justin inst lying watch his movie he says he’s a strong Christian!! I make mistakes so does everyone else, it doesn’t mean I can’t be a normal teenager and defend justin and even cus!!

  9. SuperBeautyStarr

    oh wowur a christian girl but u just cursed..so that proves to us that justin bieber can be lieing too hun read over what u say before you type it dim-wadd!!!

  10. FightWithKnowledge

    that means nothing….he isnt a devil worshiper and neither is this group people call the “illuminati”…. the illuminati died out years ago…this groups name is uknown but has been named the”illuminati” by popular culture…None of them worship the devil..NONE..they worship the principle…and if you do not know the principle then you cant even try to tell people you know shit about any of this..the principle and main message of the music industry is……”YOU are God”

  11. FightWithKnowledge

    to finish with..If you still do not believe me…you dont watch close enough my friend =)…..if you take things at face value you risk being fooled by a mask…

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