Justin Beiber Illuminati tool! with symbolism

og0786 asked:



  1. malkaraatgw1

    Still proves nothing, The lluminait have mad a lot of right wing fundamentlist authors a lot of money, playing on peoples fears the a “secret” group of the 13 bloodlines are ruling the world. its called paranoia


    You want proof they still exist? Look on the 1$ bill and try finding hidden stuff. I found 2 owls, one as the hair of the guy on the bill and one next to one of the 1’s in the corner. It was small as a pin head.

  3. malkaraatgw1

    The Illuminati are nothing more than an urban myth, which has been used prmarily by fundamentalist christian groups. The sign of the Illuminait until they ceased as a group of people in the 1780’s was Glaucus the Owl of Athena as it represented Wisdom

  4. GsBBoyDan

    HAHA this is so dumb.

    0:24 is the hand resurgent for shouting, google shouting and it’s the same hand gesture. You’re taking that out of context. And nothing else except maybe the covering eye with upside down peace sign, is even remotely related to iluminati symbolism, you don’t even know what a triangle is, that’s a diamond.

  5. jngyslate

    the onion, telling the truth abou tjustin beiber if they would only listen./watch?v=Rc3jMoFJrBQ the onion telling the truth about everything being private /watch?v=HWfKdKWJEkM

  6. jngyslate

    dating young selena gomex who looks much younger than him (selena gomez is an owned mind control victim) just to make others young girls that they have a chance and should get with him (hes like 17 now in that mask)

  7. jngyslate

    justin beiber knows exactly what hes doing. its pretty obvious hes wearing a wig. lol. and no hes not a cancer patient cmon people

  8. Bloodedge07

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! The Most Funniest thing is Evenacnce is also with the illuminati so your usin there song?

  9. sarusia1999

    How? by writing my comment…. Actually , this video is dumb… if he is illuminati then i am, because i do most of the things its said to be “illuminati” in the video..

  10. ANABEL555007

    well This 13 Year old Did it Explain that Lear to Spell Lol man im pretty Sure i spelled all those Words correct i like to say what as Wat

  11. TamJonesss

    Dude you are not informed well.. It CAN’T be any age.. Kids can’t be illuminati.. Get ur facts straight… And learn to spell…

  12. ANABEL555007

    Man u My Freind Are Fucken Stupid its doesnt matter wat age u FUCKEN ARE U Could be any age its doesnt really matter

  13. TamJonesss

    First of – Those stuffs on the wall ( 2:11) are NOT triangles.. ARE YOU GUYS DUMB? It’s Square!
    Second – Justin is 17 years old.. He should be 18+ to be illuminati.. Or 25+ idk..

  14. JaeMizz

    If even people who have been in the industry says that its a darker side to it, how fake people are and no loyality, then of course this is believable.Illumanti is real, they even have it in many books of occults, Freemasonary as well. All the symbolism is there over years of music and in interviews when asked about this type of involvement in a secret society.

  15. sarusia1999

    How on EARTH i am dumb??Because of what my comment?? the VIDEO is dumb..
    i just wrote the things the video was ment to “prove” bieber is llluminati, and what i have and do..
    So How can you call me dumb when you dont know me?

  16. sarusia1999

    im Illuminati because:
    when i shout i do what JB does
    On my bedroom walls,i have pink and blue triangles
    when i draw faces,i draw EYES
    omg am soo llluminati :O lol and get serious
    how the FUCK does that make him illuminati??
    Jeez people,he became famous because usher found him,and he is just living his dream probably not even having ‘ILLUMINATI ‘ on his mind.
    GROW UP!!

  17. DieBeautifulRain

    1:58 look at the poster on the wall…there are two eyes,one drawn in red at the center and one drawn in black at the top left.

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