Just Coincidence? – Freemasons – Illuminati EXPOSED – Open your Mind – TRUTH – Part 5 of 5

theanswerman69 asked:

Atlantis truth obama new world order nwo bush Clinton satanism Satan Illuminati Freemasons dmt psilocybin shrooms magic mushrooms psychedelics government lies answers control brainwashing fake truths lost civilization chemtrails chem trails fluoride poison America conspiracy conspiracies ufo mysteries evidence weapons secret alien aliens mind control genetics murder killing ghost antichrist devil 666 astronaut ancient occult hell gateway bizarre open your mind wake up Egypt Egyptian believe HOPE


  1. choezkevin

    the point is waking up people so we can do revolution, stop them from taking floruide in the Water, from killing innocent people, from having more and more new government made deseases etc etc? dont u want that before our chances goes away ?

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