Just Coincidence? – Freemasons – Illuminati EXPOSED – Open your Mind – TRUTH – Part 3 of 5

theanswerman69 asked:

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  1. BlackWatchers

    @phillknyspel no people do!( MAKE THIS REALITY MAKE WORLD GO ROUND) not $! Your a 33rd!? Well PEOPLE in my family who I wont name are Masons one is a 32nd New American Mason also a 33rd Degree Scottish Mason & part of a secret guard the only one of its kind left. The HE was my favorite family member growing up, But now 20+ years later he is a self involved kook! & I personally do’t think that all Masons are BAD or that a one world gov would be BAD! Then insert GREED & presto-your WRONG!FACT!

  2. phillknyspel

    @BlackWatchers everything you have just said is the reason why a nwo would work usa is looking for power and dominating the world if there was one world government every country could be one and we could focus on the real problems in the world and make every country the same instead of this situation where us in the west prosper and every other country fails a child dies every second in africa

  3. phillknyspel

    @phillknyspel all you need to know is that money makes the world go round and at least with a one world goverment it would be far easier to control which is not bad

  4. phillknyspel

    yeah i agree with you there but its nothing to do with free masons its just the way goverment works and it aint a bad thing without a new world order peace will never be achieved you seem to believe that our society how it is is so peaceful without children dying every day people fighting wars and people taking drugs and people without homes i am a 33rd free mason and its annoying how we are seen secret society lol nothing secret about it our ways are different but its over 4years old

  5. BlackWatchers

    @phillknyspel & evidence #1 how about OSHA showing up 9-10-01 in Down Town Manhattan (coincidence .I.) #2 Don’t leave evidence-THEY now have a ship made from the wreckage of Tower 1 & 2 that is ran by a nuclear reactor on board the ship & it travel around NYC Harbor!!!( No EVIDENCE!) #3 Watch for AD’s on T.V. in which THEY are selling gold coins( Made from the GOLD & PLATINUM SILVER recovered from the wreckage of ground zero!!) Either try to help or voice actual FACTS-or go away! WAKE-UP!!!!!!

  6. BlackWatchers

    @phillknyspel & one PRISON SYSTEM( MASS IMPRISONMENT) & ONE GOV( MORE TO SKIM OFF THE TOP)-& one LEADER OF THIS WORLD( NO CHOICES)! Since that has worked before let’s try it again! & your calling me a RETARD! Get a life .I.

  7. BlackWatchers

    @phillknyspel Why not make it more believable by making a movie or an off shoot to distract?! & join a cult I have its called u- &- your- dumb- numb- nuts- Tube .I. & your last comment REALLY! REALLY!? & by the way THEY hide in plain site! +A COINCIDENCE!? U mean a situation or circumstance that is MATHEMATICALLY imposable to prove! & U call others RETARDS! Please insert foot in 3-2-1 EET! KOK!

  8. phillknyspel

    @gunzkillu lol you will believe anything wont you lol do some research before you believe these stupid theory’s lol

  9. phillknyspel

    @BlackWatchers just coincidence seriously why would they leave clues lol you must be a complete retard if you think global goverments would leave evidence and propaganda lol some people ey you are justthe type to join a cult jesus grow a brain. nwo is real for the simple reason that its the only way to stop wars and the threat of nuclear warfare

  10. IamJohnTitor


  11. BlackWatchers

    Has anyone watched the Die Hard trilogy (movies w/ Bruce Willis)? The first movie is about TERRORISTS and a BUILDING being blown up. The second movie, TERRORISTS & PLANES. Third movie, in DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN, and shows BUILDING 1, BUILDING 2, & BUILDING 7, TERRORISTS again in this movie blow up a bank and ROB IT with DUMPTRUCKS AND STEAL GOLD BOUILLON AND BLOW UP THE VAULT. Now compare this to what happened on 9-11. If U can find the footage-Or Loose Change 2 this S#IT is 4 Real

  12. gunzkillu

    @IamJohnTitor that’s what I always say! EVERYTHING IS A FUCKING LIE! AN ILLUSION! A FAIRY TALE! But nooo, people still want to believe that “government” is real just because some pieces of paper with scribles on it says it’s real, IT’S ALL man made made up BULLSHIT!

  13. slipshodcoqbgg

    Free energy technology exists!But the Establishment doesn’t want ppl to know this,Get the blueprints for a real Magnet motor free enegy machine at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Big change is comming soon!

  14. silkee12

    @ antiazazel…they are alien creatures.but they are more than happy if you believe them to be “demons”..it does not matter to them,as long as you dont expose them for who they truly are…which is reptillian shapeshifters.watch david icke’s interviews with credo mutwa,the wise zulu african.

  15. antiazazel

    Goodpoint actually. Those non-human creatures are in fact demons and NOT aliens. And it is known by some that the shriners have been in contact with these interdimensional creatures for a long time. Will a soldier fight at Meggido when he knows it is agains jesus returning that he fights or will he take up arms thinking its an alien invasion?

  16. phillknyspel

    global goverment would work economically and in every other way there would be no wars every country treated the same as one cmon people think about it

  17. MissionWorldPeace

    Holywood – The magic wand used in pagan times is still waving the magic now in front of your eyes – the greatest illusion. Respect to JFK for speaking out against the system of control – An authentic source no one can deny!! Rest in peace. Wake up everyone!!

  18. ang9967

    Small faction? Please. No one makes it into high level politics, that’s not in the know. It would be a safe wager to say, at least 99% of them are either freemasons, high degree FM or affilliated with them.

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