Jordan Maxwell Strikes at the NWO pick your side!

Earthlasthope2 asked:

This piece shows more proof that our leaders want a NWO... It will NEVER be a good thing... Too much power given to wrong people creates mass genocide. It creates WAR. Stand and fight with the EDF. We are building momentum. People like Jordan Maxwell are VERY important...Listen to them and try to back them for as long as you can before they are killed like William Cooper God bless your soul William....RIP


  1. opensala

    @TheSBandDoubleDsShow Reptilans have been the lower glove where Ananaki in control, the creators & holders of ‘the matrix’ though one must be and awaken being, keep in mind one should be fully aware of the dark, the unseen, those hidden fears, yours as you know yourself and much deeper, become emotionally familiar with the greatest evil, resonating this, is how you eventually able to also become conscious of the plot and the dominator of the attracted spheres..its ~emotional subconsciousness

  2. TheSecretSword

    Not such a good video. Half of this stuff can’t be heard because of the stupid background music.

  3. TheSBandDoubleDsShow

    Now Im a huge conspiracy theorist and I believe that the government is very corrupt and this nwo seems very possible at this moment in time. But I was responding to DurAR89s comment he was talking about reptilian dracos and godly powers and shit! If the people responsible for the nwo actually believe this they are really fucked up in the head!

  4. harven23

    Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it??? Well based on your comment, you got a lot of research to do…Once you find out the truth, you will be blown away!!!

  5. virtualeve

    they believe “they” are illuminated with knowledge, power and wisdom to dominate the entire earth. “they” are mistaken.

  6. elboertjie

    Illuminate is a complete misnomer; how can people who have dark ideas, dark intentions and dark hearts, illume others? That is impossible, as darkness cannot shine light. Only light can shine light.

    They are more like ‘the shadows’, or ‘the shadowed ones’.

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