1. paulydublinboy

    This is all good and well and I accept what he is saying. The question is, what the hell do we do about it?

  2. pamaspamas

    Jordon is one researcher i find about the NWO etc WHO DOES NOT PREACH JESUS TO PEOPLE (i am tired of all the preaching that comes with NWO/illuminati exposers), and he shows the religeous manipulations and trickery as well, how it is ALSO PART OF THE SCAM!!! There is NONE OTHER LIKE YOU JORDON, and I LOVE YAH!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

  3. mrwigiteeman

    @YougMissRothschild your name says it all how atrociously evil your statement is/ can be construed as being. funny thing about what you say is that… if “we” really understood the UCC bullshit, “we” would realize that all “debt” is baseless and non-existent. the “chinese” do not “own” many of our government buildings in america, do you know why? because the United States has no authority to sell them, in the same way you dont buy your land in allodium so do they see it not in allodium. BAM

  4. alyr315

    @unlistedoo7 I agree. Everything in this video is true and makes perfect sense. But remember, many people out there are sheepos and just go along with whatever they’re told on CNN or from a propagandist university. Jordan Maxwell knows what he’s talking about. He might be wrong on some aspect, but he should at least trigger your thinking.

  5. antnotforwar

    I’ve got a question. what about the people that don’t have any cash in the bank, rely on others to pick up their slack ,reproduce just to get more benefits. The ones that don’t contribute to the economy. Whats their worth? if its 0 or negative then why do we keep letting them use resources?

  6. YougMissRothschild

    @mrwigiteeman We actually learn to respect UCC as ultimate law in growing up in terms of doing business with other nations.

    There is a reason that if we help a struggling country and establish loans that they can’t repay… we own them. Their Governments, their elected officials, their law enforcement, they will service our desires because of the importance of UCC.

    If you owe… you pay. And if you cannot pay your debt down to 0… you will pay with your lives and loyalty.

  7. SensibleStan

    Jordan Maxwell’s real name is Russel Pine. He changed it to Jordan Maxwell after a character in Helena Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled, the characters name was Jordanus Maximus. Interesting why no one ever brings it up.

  8. mrwigiteeman

    but he gets it and explains it right from there on out, just the description of the laws and the words he uses at first are fallacious.

  9. mrwigiteeman

    hes got a lot of things right there, but boy does he fudge up the very first point he makes, the “law of the land” is not civil law, its the constitution, which its superior law, or in other words the law which the constitution rests on, what it exists “in” is common law! that’s the biblical law! then he says the UCC is the law of god in the world of business… no, its not, no god involved jordan, gods in the other one, thats what makes the UCC so atrocious…

  10. Dasar7557

    Uniform Commercial Code is implied throughout the United States Cooperation which was procreated behind the smokescreen of a Federal Government. During the manufactured illusion of the American War of Independence the British simply echanged overt dictatorship for the far more affective covert dictatorship from London. In affect, the Virginia Company, headed by the British Crown that controlled the former colonies, hid behind many pseudonyms such as the U.S, District of Columbia, and the Feds.

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