Jordan Maxwell – GONOB Interview 12-09-11

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Jordan Maxwell on Global Opposition to New Order Bolsheviks Radio with Aaron Wilson. Recorded on December 9th, 2011. Please support Jordan's work and visit his website: Copyright Gonob 2011 http


  1. sandmarch7

    Aaron is the BlogTalk Dildo :P Bob Chapman was the best thing that ever happened to him and apparently he doesnt want to waste time with Gonuts anymore :D Aaron leaves such positive and uplifting remarks for people with differing opinions that he actually got his old channel shut down. Bob brought up his appearances on Jones before and Aaron being his douche bag self actually interrupted Bob just to blurt out “what? Who? NEVA HEARD OF HIM”. Yeah, sure. What a great guy he must be

  2. RoyalColaNews

    It’s true that he repeats himself. Every interview & speach of the past 20 years is all the same, word for word.

  3. lopytube

    Yes Jordan does sound tire and tedious on this interview.For those of you that are somewhat new the reason being, well just imagine that you try to inexorably wake your fellow man the fuck up.You constantly implore your fellow man to stop being so damn silly minded and get off of the superficial conform mudslides

    Im young well out of high school & I just hear the drilling fustration in his voice.Its like seeing a child run playin in the rainy freeway not seein the danger of it Soon u say f it

  4. jamisturb0

    @captvanhalen I agree but i believe it is a reference to the revolutionary aspect, again he still would be quite erroneous because that was a artificially contrived revolution to further agendas… Czar Nicholas was not ad-vocative towards subversive movements, fraternal organizations and secret societal networks however, lenin trotsky and stain were..

  5. jamisturb0

    @ccisis Theres a war against authenticity in america and has been, americans at this point in the contextualization of emotional intelligence relate to infants. Collectively that is.

  6. jamisturb0

    Why he is still living is a conundrum to Maxwell himself, but just like tsarion these individuals have so far deconstructed and divested that to the normal American they would be so extremely abhorrent towards this information, because it is to utmost scale threatens the false ideas that reinforce the repressive sense of security that is ubiquitously prevalent, there no threat this means cause there is no way at this point that America on a mass scale such apophatic renditions would thrive.

  7. ccisis

    Why is he still living?… don’t get me wrong, I like the guy.. but I just can’t understand why “they” haven’t knocked him off for telling all their secrets.

  8. gonobdotcom

    there is no question that this is the finest interview ever done with the truth movement icon.

    i have gone to his store and bought something.

    in this way i do a little to tangibly support his efforts.

  9. RichardRowell1

    “In the inquisition when they poured hot lead down the faces of children…in front of their parents, take a look at it” lol

  10. guitargodslash89

    @Shonaripa i just thought the same thing.jorrdan should leave the who am i thing and just give us his input on current events and where he thinks its headed. nothing he said here is new at all.except for the ron paul comment.

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