Jordan Maxwell – COTO Report Interview

PrometheanReachXVI asked:

Jordan Maxwell interviewed by Megan 'Verb' Kargher in Los Angeles, California; circa July, 2010.


  1. MultiEyeswideopen

    Jordan Maxwell is a heck of an intelligent man. The most wisest man I have ever seen.
    It is such a pity that after learning and understanding what insight Jordan has, that I can appreciate just how lonely he must feel in his small circle.


    Actually, when he talks about christianity or etymology he is far from being full of shit. His many years of hardcore research, along with meeting people who had access to info that you cant even imagine! more than qualifies him to express these pertinent things to not only the masses,but also to u!
    Nothing has been proven time and again towards him being wrong.Only in the minds of those who try to discredit him, due to their own lack of knowledge.

    P.S. He’s here to help u learn more!

  3. semillasdelorto

    I’ve been listening to Jordan for years, I’m kinda tired of people asking him the same questions over and over again,Jordan challenges the system and no one dares to challenge him, I know very well he can answer a lot of “harcore” questions, but most people have a superficial interes, this is why he keeps telling you: “You don’t know th truth and you don’t wanna hear it.” As a truth seeker, he must be waiting for someone who challenges his view points with solid arguments.

  4. ulived1969



  5. ucvessel

    Jordan Maxwell is a breath of fresh air. Every interview with him is so valuable. We need more interviews with him. His humor is priceless.

  6. cjhelmke35

    Great interview. This girl is good and Maxwell is quite funny and brilliant as usual

  7. IResonateWithU

    Freaking awesome as usual. Jordan is NEVER boring,and I always come away feeling smarter. Thank you for this.

  8. Taxidriver987

    Ikea is Swedish. Very interesting. but you have to remember when he talks about christianity or etymology he is really full of shit. It has been proven time and again.

  9. CY0PS

    At least he gets people to think as he brazenly grazes each subject matter with a subtle hint to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

  10. uroprop

    @ilabstudios all researchers of any subject repeates themself over and over its not a big surprise for you i hope

  11. ilabstudios

    Not really an interview per-say, just Maxwell repeating himself yet again. Dawn of a New Day was the only new piece of research or thinking I’ve seen/heard from him so far.

    When is he going to do this so called lecture where he brings everything together and discusses the subject matter that he says people aren’t ready to hear. More I see his interviews the more I think he has no up-to-date research which is a shame.

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