JOHN TODD- (EX-ILLUMINATI MEMBER) Reveals How to survive in the end times: 1 of 8

TheCozmikTruth asked:

This man is probably one of the most onkey-point ex-illuminati reborn christians exposing the REAL TRUE nature of what the rock industry is all about. Keep in mind that this recorded audio of John Todd speaking was made in mid 1979 (give or take). It's been nearly 30 years since this man made his last patritotic attempt to wake up the masses with the word of the LORD in hopes to awaken the masses about this Luceferic Empire formely known as the ILLUMINATI. John Todd, former occultist and Illuminati member explains the truth about how the elite of this world, namely the Illuminati and the Occult have infiltrated our world today, including the Christian realm. A must listen for any Christian and non Christian who are interested in a behind the scenes look and examinations of intentions of the Illuminati


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