Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris Exposed! (illuminati satanic)

AprilandWayneShow asked:

AprilandWayneShow Website: www.aprilandwayneshow.com Third eye is just another name for witchcraft. The third eye (also known as the 3rd or inner eye) refers in part to the 6th chakra (brow) in certain eastern spiritual traditions. that leads to higher consciousness(example alpha state and theta state). A new age symbol of enLIGHTenment. It is a hypnotic state. Spiritually this opens you to the spiritual realm (the demonic realm) THis is occultic and satanic. To open the "third eye" or open yourself to the demonic realm one way is through meditation. Through this you acheive an altered state of consciousness. In other words through this you are hypnotized. Meditation is also "emptying your mind". (when you empty your mind you allow demons to take over). The Chakra usually relates to yoga.Those using yoga as a means of enlightenment get results by meditation, forced breathing patterns and using unnatural positions to go to the higher consciousness (demonic realm). Third eye is also know as: The middle eye of Shiva in Buddhism. In Hinduism it is the eye of clairvoyance. In Egypt it is known as The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Osiris. In Freemasonry, it is the All Seeing Eye. The same one that is found on our one dollar bill. This All Seeing Eye is surrounded by light. It also represents Lucifer (satan) who is the head of the demonic realm. Many people use MUSIC (some called "binaural beats" "satanic beats" ect.) and/or visuals(Kaleidoscope images) to activate the third eye ...


  1. matganja1000

    wall street,america,cia,news broadcast,luxury & vip artist,presidents,prime minister,PBB,media & entertainment,food suppliers,nazi holocaust,scientist,NASA…all this stuff is under by ONE EYE…

  2. LADYB725

    Wow thanks so much for vid, it’s scary how they don’t try to mask it anymore. if people pay attention it’s right in our faces. The music, TV shows,movies..it’s definitely a war going on thanks for this again great vid!

  3. speakrealness15

    i pray many eyes are open really bcus ppl love them soo much that they wont believe they worship the devil

  4. TheReGiNaSh0w

    Agree with CowboyKid. Just got done deleting nearly every song on my iPod that had to do with satanic rituals, illuminati, or freemasonary. I have tried to delete songs before, but i just couldn’t push myself to do it. You gave me that extra boost I needed. Thank you so much :) Please do just one mere video dedicated to Eminem, and his satanic side. I just couldn’t bare myself to dispose of his music, but I had to! Thank-you :) Please do one on Eminem!

  5. shanice6452

    i’m only 13 when i was 12 i saw my sisters looking up info on these kind of stuff i started to watch it wit them sumtimes it scare me i tried telling my friends already but some of them laugh an some of them jus scared im gonna show them dis an hope dis wrks an i cant wait to show my sisters this either thanks for uploading

  6. Lilbeto303

    Thank you so much I’m 14 I’ve known about this for awhile didn’t know it was this bad though.! I never listened to jay-z anyway but still thank you so much.!!!!

  7. ThatWeirdoGaL90

    Even though i’m already aware of these type of subliminal messages….thank you so much for sharing this video!

  8. jomanimo24

    I’m only 14. i learned about the truth when i was only 12 or something. i know a lot of things sometimes i just let myself get distracted by the beautiful things in the world that cover up the truth (gaming, friends,family) thanks for the video

  9. AprilandWayneShow

    We have a NEW video ” The SATANIC MUSIC INDUSTRY Part 1″ in the video response and on this channel.

  10. ProtocolHero

    God bless thank you for helping me see the truth i admire that you stand up to the illuminiati, thank you soo much god bless you sister :))

  11. iwouldlikemuffin1

    i was so scared omg thanks for showing this to me i deleted this off my ipod

  12. ty121ler

    Around 1:50 a pic of a girl fades and gives way to fire and then a man dressed in black.

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