Jay Z Illuminati – Case Closed

TheDrfreemason asked:

Jay Z Illuminati - Case Closed Bizzle - Explainin to do


  1. ImDemanding

    IJS, wasnt J raised Jehovah Witness? Is he raising his God to his patrons? JW do not believe in Jesus as being the son of Man. Is he making his fans praise his God?

  2. 77ScarFace11

    Here’s a different perspective of what Jay-Z might be about blog realspeak.co check the article Jay-Z Nolluminati on the right

  3. AndrosTalal

    I think this pretty much sums it up. Hellfire is yours unless you repent

  4. Jmelpegues

    Not pose to judge read the bible and stop judging this man how about this what he does is his business

  5. Jmelpegues

    And this man puts back into where he’s from my baby momma from Brooklyn ny I’m from nc and to anybody that takes his money and gives it to his hood basically giving kids toys on Christmas not just toys buying trucks of toys giving it out is a real nigga so if he does that that’s hos business not yours and doesn’t it also say thou shalt not bare false witness Christians worship roman beliefs goggle it and all I’m nostic but I feel if he does that he’s going to hell not you if you christian you

  6. Jmelpegues

    Every rich person is a free mason including obama ok because this man basically got his first mill and invested you say he a devil worshipper what about the ppl who made your religion what it is the Romans everybody knows who 666 was but stop putting this man down better yet wile he’s relaxing with no worries 99% of yall on here might be getting avicted from your houses

  7. babysmash01

    Uhh if jay z never read the bible in his life then he dunno what he talking about lol god bless every one

  8. YakmanBuddha

    AND NO! I am not for or aginst any establishment! I am for the first cause plan. The plan of the eternal and one source energy. The plan that makes all see what they are who they are and where they come from! I am of the belief that that is the same plan many, light and dark are working toward. Whether they know it or not! it IS what it IS and will BE!

  9. YakmanBuddha

    I understand the fear! I also understand the yin and yang of reality. There are thoes in this establishment you fight against that are of light some of dark. I am not saying this is good or bad. I am saying GOD is real and all things have purpose. In order for us to see that this whole illusion is one certin things have had to happen and will happen. Yin and yang being nessasary. Truth must be told some how. Truth always brings offense. But digging deeper within may explain much. -yakman

  10. MrCauwenbergh

    it ain’t a bad thing to be a mason, just saying… google free masonry, it’s nothing bad about it…

  11. brettm116

    Fuck All Of You Jay-Z is NOT a devil worshiper you fuckin idiots….And besides Tupac his the BEST rapper ever

  12. 1dtbimp

    From 6:13 it sounds like he’s warning us, is he or is he just mocking us?

  13. sant1to

    Religious folk gotta step out the box for a second n realize tht theres more to truth than what you place your faith in.

  14. Standonarock

    Almost worst than jay – z are the zombies worshipping him like an idol and throwing up the dumbest hand signal ever. “What does it profit a man to gain the world and loose his soul?”

  15. mlumbrer123

    this whole shit is ridiculous, this is grown people believing this garbage?? wow religious freaks haahaaaa

  16. 12Oc7ock

    Jay z is the fuckin illuminati and stands for everything that killed tupac and that is killing off the good people of the world.

  17. shuukre

    hope you know that this shit with “666 murder murder jesus” is fake;] Anyway all this fuckin movie is one big fake

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