Interview w/ Laura M. Eisenhower – Mind Control, UFOs, ETs, New World Order, Illuminati

theVibeRider asked: -- Join me, Q from The Guru of You TV SHOW, as I interview the amazing and wonderful Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. She is former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower's great granddaughter! Laura Eisenhower is an activist in the conscious movement. We talk about UFO's, extra-terrestrials, secret governments and programs, 2012, what people can do to awaken and get out of the game that "they" have created, and so much more! Laura is also a clairvoyant and does private sessions by donation. Enjoy! Connect with Laura Website: Facebook: With gratitude for you, Q The Guru of You TV Show http


  1. illuminati

    You’ll finally notice that they want us to lose so much time, talking about the illuminati, the most important thing is to search how to be closer to The Creator! This can be made only by the sacrifice of Jesus-Christ. Jesus is the Key, we are playing the game of the illuminati, trying to know who is illuminati or not. Anyways, it’s a good step towards the freedom of humanity, but it is not the absolute thing to do. Jesus is the Life! (John 3:16)

  2. ffazsia

    no obama is illuminati you got to be kidding me both of you !!! you are now NOT being honest !! Where has Obama had the interest of the American ppl ??? He breaks every law !! He is not American natural born !! He is a prime example of Evil !!!

  3. ddshears

    Regarding Obama: It’s a mistake to put trust and power in the government in any way. Not saying Obama is on one side or another…personally, I voted for him but now…I do not vote any more…. I believe that voting is just a prop to distract us…

    Oh, btw…my son met Hillary and Bill Clinton on the campaign trail…he was pretty young but said that he said something in their eyes when he met them…he was totally freaked out. Not sure what to say but now I understand my son is gifted.

  4. ddshears

    I have said for a long time…”just stop playing their game and start playing a new, beautiful one of your own making…” :o)

  5. quantum2light

    I think Laura gives out great information that sounds very true and empowering to me. Q, I see great potential in you and I congratulate you for the drive to bring to light this kind of info. One small suggestion – don’t drink out of a bottle, even if it’s fancy blue, and give your guest a glass of water too… ♥

  6. TheLastSaneManLeft

    @laendeavor “so articulate”? did you count how many times
    she sed ‘ya know’, I lost track after 20; and she speaks
    of items of such import -each possibly worthy of an hour of detailed discussion;
    in such rapid fire succession, that makes her sound nearer to crazy than
    credible; that sed, I believed much, maybe even most of what she discussed
    but that based on info from elsewhere. Maybe that’s why the badguys aren’t
    bothered by her, she make a fine disinformer for folks new to this subject.

  7. SovereignBeing

    since when has anyone believed any president..! yeah she comes from a very programmed background.. There is an agenda here.. Don;t fall for it..!

  8. Matthus2012

    Thank you Q, and anyone else who may have helped to put this together. Laura is an incredible source of Light and information and direction for us all here now. I hope we can all process her message clearly and realize the importance of living it and not so much trying to reproduce it into our own message.

  9. Cloisim

    The veil over our eyes and mind has made us all like blind beggars waking around with our canes…tapping objects here, and there..
    What we see is only a mirror reflection of the real world…so that which appears to be on the left is actually on the right, and that which appears to be on right is actually on the left.
    When we reach for truths, we always end up grasping empty space.
    The secret is in being the reverse of that which you are told you should be….in all things.

  10. Angellove613

    @ozGhicman this is a great interview…. I would rather anyone take the opportunity to spread her message than not at all:) if Q didn’t do his research, Laura is still going to get her message out there- she knows what she needs to say, so I say THANKS so much to Q for the information!!!

  11. Angellove613

    @ozGhicman this is a great interview…. I would rather anyone take the opportunity to spread her message than not at all:) if Q didn’t do his research, Laura is still going to get her message out there- she knows what she needs to say, so I say THANKS so much to Q for the information!!!

  12. Muralartist1

    It seems like she’s way out there if you havn’t been doing your own research, but she actually knows what she’s talking about…it’s not about’s about liberation of our souls and beings..dont let the fact that it seems too much to take, it has fact at it;s base.

  13. MarmaladeMonster

    Wow… All of this is so foreign to me… of course, I would not be surprised at all if the government hid life from space from us, but why would they do it? What would they gain from it?… hm… it’s interesting to think about, but it kind of gives me a headache- ha!

  14. theVibeRider

    @ozGhicman The reason why I interview the people that I do on my channel is because I want to spread their message. When I ask my interviewees certain questions, please know that I ask them so the people that are watching can be on the same page with us if they have not learned this stuff before. I am covering all bases for everyone. NOT because I have not done my research. Please understand this. Thanks… ♥

  15. dreameruk

    You should get a medal for keeping a straight face during this interview, very professional, I couldn’t have done it.

  16. zodiacal38

    Seriously people???? they need technology to reproduce????
    READ YOUR BIBLE!!!…. our Lord cursed these beings for messing with his creation!

  17. kikiluvteter

    ” i will incarnate even more pissed off! “so great! lol! most brilliant delivery of the most ellusive information, i am so greatful for your presence in this ascension process into ALL LOVE!!! thank you, be blessed Namaste’

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