ILLUMINATI – The Master Plan To Rule The World

TruthShockTV asked:

Illuminati - The Master Plan To Rule The World. Intro by RavenProDesign.


  1. DarkPerezIndustries

    When I hear that song, I think of Bill Cipher in ancient Egypt, during the construction of the Pyramids.

  2. Nebulous1982

    Good videos. I recommend you check out my video: ”How to Recognize the Antichrist Dajjal in the Media”. Peace.

  3. michael browne

    so is them templers really the same ones in the game assassins creed that is cray if it is ahahah madness

  4. MrNutts1973

    Nice production as i can now watch it! Louis Armstrong will be turning in his grave…His wonderful world is decaying!

  5. chris nelson

    Excellent video, I could have watched hours of this stuff. Thank you, be safe, and God bless…

  6. 51Strefa51

    Im fine brother, the Lord changed my life for real. It is amazing how he can change us, and then it is just love, love, love… Keep the love and faith brother, right to the end. God bless

  7. TheDemonGangster

    It’s nice to see that there are YouTube researchers that do better research than the F.B.I,
    But yeah man really nice video people need to open there eyes and wake up because shit is serious, the government don’t give a fuck about us or if we die they only care about money and power, and slowly they are getting what they want by slowly reducing the population of the world, it sounds crazy and that’s why people believe it’s bullshit even though you have some evidence that’s the problem :/

  8. MrLilWoolie

    Our time on earth is running out. Do a search for “The Protocols of Zion.pdf and download it while it’s still there. You’ll see what else the Elite are doing to the world. It’s all backed by Satan through the Vatican, the Great Whore of babylon. It’s time to accept Yshua/Jesus as your Lord and Savior before it’s too late!

  9. Cruz Guerrero

    Thank you for all these great videos, I first stumbled upon your channel barely a month ago and now I’m quite the fan. Very informative, and thorough. Keep up the great work. Peace

  10. JoyceDawn100

    You did an excellent job giving detailed history of the “illuminati”, along with it being well made: + great presentation. I’m so thankful that CISPA failed. Hopefully, many more people will see the true light: Jesus Christ, before the Hands of Love & Safety are taken away from this earth to allow Satan to have his short but horrific reign. Yeshua = eternal life of worshipping Yahweh, peace, love, no more sickness or death. Satan= an eternity in a lake of fire being tormented by demons

  11. TruthShockTV

    Yes it’s youtube, when they block a video for whatever reason they always say it’s the uploader not making it available.

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