Illuminati Symbolism In Movies (NEW VERSION – MUST SEE ALL OF VIDEO!) – High Definition

FarhanK501 asked:

THANKS YOUTUBE FOR REMOVING THIS VIDEO FROM THE MOST VIEWED PAGE IN EDUCATION. 2009.06.09 --------------- #29 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Education #11 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Education #3 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Education #44 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Education - Global #30 - Top Rated (This Month) - Education --------------- 17.05.09 - YouTube have told me that this video was having trouble when converting into YouTube HD and hash problems which is why the video ...


  1. NarutoRasengan89

    The Devil promised God that he will not go to hell by him self, that he will take the whole world with him except thous who has faith in God almighty!!! Illuminati is doing Satans job to make people forget about God!

  2. klauwn17

    whats wrong with you people? are you unable to interpet a statement, that is longer than 5 words?

    I never said, there is no devil

    I stated, that it was the greatest lie of the devil, that he does not exist.

    get it now?

    thanks very much.

  3. klauwn17

    what i said was: the biggest lie of the devil was, that he does not exist.

    and so many people believe it.

    even most of people, who are aware about the illuminati. stop listening to alex jones, he’s controlled opposition. and the 80% decrease of population is disinformation. codex alimentarius does not include anything of what the wife of an intelligence member is telling you in esoteric agenda.

  4. FarhanK501

    If Satan doesn’t exist then don’t say the Illuminati are evil, because they can’t be. ;)

  5. Monkefuct666

    u guys r funny, satan doesnt exist “He’s a scare tactic, even If the Illuminated believed i doubt they were serious

  6. Adahondeayenh

    That is an interesting idea, abcentminded1. Why do you think it is that major porn companies have names such as ‘digital sin’ ‘evil angel’ ‘darkside productions’ ‘elegant angel’ and the likes. It turns out many of them are not hiding their Satanic affiliations at all. We know that the Illuminati and the devil work hand-in-hand, for it is Lucifer’s eye that is on the $1 bill. (Albert Pike confirms this). Pornography destroys nations.

  7. kontredawg

    WoW! You’re absent minded after all. First, I am free because I know the truth. Second, considering that I’m “free” I spend a lot of time raising my “free” kids and working my “free” full-time job. I gives a damn about an illuminati because they can’t move me.
    I’ll die for what I believe in.



    You insignificant, irrelevant, off the point thoughts of porn can’t change that abcentminded1. Go release some stress, then get back at me.

  8. abcentminded1

    Because they are not happy with their lives so they make up excuses like the goverment is holding them down, the goverment is evil, aliens stole my dog. They also don’t like the Idea that they can be excluded from certain social groups, so they’re like “Why won’t the President kick it at my house for dinner.”

  9. abcentminded1

    What would you do if you were free? Go home and watch the next viral video on youtube then log on to your favorite porn site and jerk off. You’re right the Illumanti does have you hostage, ohhhh their Devilish plans *Sigh*. Next thing you’re going to say is that they created all the porn sites to keep you home mastubating so that you don’t have time to stop them.

  10. abcentminded1

    For years people have been praised for what they believe in but ousted for what they actually know.

  11. abcentminded1

    The Quran does mention a child in the womans womb being brought up in stages, but this had already been well hypothesized well before the Quran was written, mostly due to the work of Arristotle on chick embyos in 400 B.C. I don’t see how the Quran could produce scientifc evidenence because evidence is just that, evidence, pick up a dictionary look up the word and see what it really means. By the way good job cursing during your holiest month of Ramadan, you hypocrite.

  12. wamiq721

    In the Qur’an, scientific evidence is surely given to prove to us that Allah (swt) DOES EXIST. if u are of the weak and are controlled by the materialism of this world then you will surely burn in hell. And if you are wondering about what scientific evidence I’m talking about….google “Embryology in the Qur’an”…..the Qur’an gave us that knowledge 1400 years ago….whereas scientists, fairly recently, figured out the process of how and embryo matures… eat shit you jew bag.

  13. wamiq721

    how dare you attack the religion of Islam. It is the only true religion left in this world. BOTH the Torah AND the Bible have been edited and changed to fit the need of the people. Do your research and you will find out that the “Son of God” that you call Jesus was a Muslim. He believed in ONE GOD and that he has no wife or children. The Roman Church some odd years ago made the change in the Bible, so that the people would worship Jesus and not God and strip religion from this world. Do ur hw.

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