Illuminati Symbol in GTA 4 IV Videogame All Seeing Eye and the New World Order Masonic

1killuminati asked:

Grand Theft Auto IV (in GTA IV) Illuminati Pyramid/All Seeing Eye and the New World Order


  1. PreCurSeD

    so secret societys like the freemasons acting in secret and having members of grave importance couldn’t be anything major right?

  2. chillakis

    Even if some of it is true it is still a conspiracy theory, the term is used as a theory that there is somekind of conspiracy. I know, language is some heavy shit:(

  3. snitchow

    ahh ive seen that symbol. Where in one mission you break into some guys house and you check the laptop. On the laptop wallpaper it had that pyramid and said “the all seeing eye is watching you”

  4. ThePaleWriter

    Don’t act like you have responded to comments much older than that silly “adult”. Act your age.

  5. stayvigilant

    Jesus is Lord.
    Romans 10:9 – That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  6. ThePaleWriter

    I gave you a thumbs up before I realized your solution was “get saved” ha! That’s no solution. That’s a last resort.

  7. elelisrael

    the symbols are nothing believe me. im playing it right now. theres the radio stations in the cars right? its fucking unbelievable. commercials about how eugenics is good,how closing cities for terrorism is good. it all over the game. + theres homless people in the game that allwayes talk about the iluminati,reptilians,and they present them as crazy people. someone really need to upload it. the game working slow on my pc and with fraps he will probably crashed so i cant

  8. djconnected

    Sometimes when im in a chopper,, you See bright lights, just littel red dots.. and if you follow them,, then there gone… Some say those things are ufo’s … i think its one of their monitors,, and see what everybody is doing,, in Gta,,,MAy sound crazy.. but listen to the radio station lpf or something,, You will here subbliminal messages.. im just telling the truth.. wake up..And See All the thing in fornt off,your brrain doesnt tell you to see.Google The Arrivals.And Wake Up today!

  9. HectorDaMan123

    at 0:18 the forum says cybernetics and mass surveillance and you know there been talk saying if our diginal boxes has camaras in them because the goverment is watching us these are hints but are they warning us or are they a part of it???

  10. gta conspiriser

    dude i wuz listening to the raidio station in gta vice city storys and it said new world order and said obey the government also i heard sumpin and recorded revesed it and it said were watching and a poster is like satianic it is a rock sign but really a slute to satan. but then i wuz listeng to some red neck gang and they said the civil war aint over, civil war – in the usa- peeps vs illuminati.
    hope dis helps

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