1. Ssy0u

    MY thoughts exactly…. Harlequin type ichthyosis is a skin disease, not any effect of exposure to radiation.

  2. ttomray123

    ask about the north American uniom to one of your governors or senators,they most likely laugh at you or ignore it.

  3. playboy8560

    i feel aaron russo is lying to promote what he genuinly believes in but i just can tell hes not being honest, but i definintly believe this is happening i just can tell hes not being truthful by his tells

  4. americanpolitico

    Why are they showing babies with Harlequin type ichthyosis. These children were not a result of radiation!

  5. americanpolitico

    The New World Order will happen whether you like it or not!

    If you struggle then you will die the world will become one!

  6. ricykai

    Dont worry about those low life parasites.Theyre day is coming very soon and they will be “squashed”sooner than anybody thinks.Believe me,all this talk about “conspiracy theories” is bullshit,These peoples reality can now be verified.POWER TO THE PEOPLE…..

  7. xMADvDOGx

    books are the best sours, music is a good sours to,for begin listen to sistem of a down and try to understand what they sing about it will push you in the biblical simbolism and illuminatie things, it is all true,and about 2012,is true to , we may not feel it but if we do we’r in deap shit.wikiepdia is a bad source , they give no info about the true reason for the french revolt and the american and the russian…but what i recomend everyone is docter deagle,write him in searchbar,he’ll tell all

  8. cursivedragon

    If those pics of those infants were indeed legit… I am SCARED!! That was too unreal for me. Can any human be that savage!? That’s pure carnage.

  9. cursivedragon

    Can you give me some sites and reads to research? I have been looking at these vids and other stuff for about a month and am now addicted. But it’s not a hobby! I almost starting to believe that maybe there is some truth behind Illuminate, Bilderbergers, Skull and Crossbones and NWO. Too many events are happening to support the theory that something foul is admist.

  10. wakas2100

    The Proof, IMHO: Al-Qur’an .

    Don’t judge it to be a lie. Do your research before rejecting the Truth.

  11. xMADvDOGx

    you’r kidding right?if you would know how much info i have in my head about this you would’nt evin believ …what’s in the video is just the beginning

  12. LDRinbrampton

    I kinda agree with you, but kinda disagree. Subliminal messages attack the subconscious. It’s real hard to undo damage to the unconscious, with conscious efforts alone. Therefore using (good) subliminal messages is a much better, more effective way to repair the brainwashing that has been done to the subconscious mind.

  13. MBKDragonfly

    operation blackjack, Project lucifer, Project paperclip, NSA, M16, Mossad, Jesuits, Vatican, Multinational corparations, psyco-electronic weapon effects, exxon, bayer pharmacuticles, Problem-reaction-solution,

    there is DEFINETLY a new world order, its reality. Get strong, get knowledge, get spreading. We DEFINETLY have a chance here to rid this scum, to rid this scum, TO RID THIS SCUM! BURN IN HELL GOD WILL DEAL WITH YOU, GOD WILL DEAL WITH YOU ! BE IN FEAR EVIL ONES, BE IN GREAT FEAR. #”!~

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