Illuminati, Music Industry and WHY MICHAEL JACKSON WAS KILLED – High Definition Part 1

FarhanK501 asked:

Gregory says he asked Jackson when the last time he ate was, because he didn't look well, and that Jackson told him -- quote -- "They're trying to poison me." He asked him when he last drank water, and he said Jackson told him again -- quote -- "They're trying to kill me." -

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  1. lsmx

    They are ARROGANT. Also, they leave all these symbols, signs and be blatantly obvious because they know people STILL won’t believe it!!! They laugh at how stupid people are – a bunch of sheeps. Even with the truth right in front of their eyes, they don’t see.

  2. sharksfan702

    because there are people out there who dont believe and call us all a bunch of idiots and un-american and crazy

  3. TriSarahTopssss

    This might be a bit of a dumb question but i have to ask.
    If the illuminati really do exist then why would they let this video be veiwed by so many people? If its got so many hits you think they would have done something about it, especially if they want the population to be a bunch ignorant idiots.

  4. gweets233

    well im just giving an opinion but the bible gives the most consistent information about every thing. they predicted that the anti-christ was going to make a nwo (new world order) or some thing like that i need to go check. the bible also predicts that the anti-christ will have chips in us which well identify us as his marking and soilders of 666.And the v-chip is alrighty being put into some infants so think i have made my point, check the back of your passports, says not to keep next to wate

  5. natruto

    no doubt the illuminati exists.. has for a long time.. still to this day. they plant all kinds of seeds.. just like the opening statement of this video claimed.. how they do it by recuirting all this unaware people.. but careful guide things behind the scenes. you wouldnt believe how many movies they are behind.. people are gullable tools for the most part.. and the illuminati exploit that. you dont make it and get famous.. without them.. and if you knew who was behind them.. you wouldnt believe

  6. KrystalTsuki

    Tupac’s songs definitely says somethin’, but c’mon the other songs with just the one lyric of “New World Order”… =/

  7. Tragedy1191

    Naw dog, tupac never believed in the illuminati G. He thought it was stupid bullshit, believe me dog I know more about tupac than u do!!! I mean c’mon! the guy is my role model

  8. janeaustinadmirer

    Michael Jackson was/is a wonderful being.

    Those of you that would dare judge Michael Jackson, should hang your heads in shame. How could any of you possibly know what happened? Were you there?

    There are some that believe that every one of us will have to account for all we did and said while we were here in this existence.

    It is my belief that we need to show love to everyone and everything. Love is the only thing that matters.

  9. OMGimReV

    Or maybe he wanted to kill the illuminati?

    Which would make more sense, less words…

    Way to use the ol’ Noggin ^_^

  10. milasworld28

    the devil’s star is also on engineered into the streets of D.C. This stuff is so true…and you know what more and more they are starting not to care if we have this stuff about them on here…bc they think there is nothing we can do!!!! THE LEVIATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. AntiLilWayneChannel

    5☆ Video…. real talk, put a halt on the ‘secret agenda.’

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  12. BRRUUUAAHHable

    GOOD VIDEO, hope all indian generation willbe aware oof NWO


  13. gweets233

    nope your wrong lucifer is the version of satan when he was in heaven when lucifer went to hell he became satan

  14. SilverApe1428

    Im not religious at all, and I take this stuff sort of seriously. I know that we are being messed with and that religion is oneof their tools to control us and get us at each others throats. I take this stuff seriously cause I am reluctantly going with the flow despite what I know, but when the time comes, when enough people are awake, thats when I will start being more defensive/offensive/active against them. The first thing I have to do is fix myself before I can help fix others.

  15. JamesRideout123

    The New World Order is real and all mainstream artists know it is take it seriously and are readily preparing for it as we speak.

  16. murdamooch1

    Word. the term statanism refers to the fact that certain men want to obtain the control and knowledge of a god thus making themselfs gods. Goes a lot deeper then the bible.

  17. darksurvivor00

    yes, I know. But most of them are pure coincidence. Lots of religious people take that kind of stuff seriously.

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