Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson part 4

33kbpsAACplus asked:

Here is the truth, he was killed by The Illuminati. Please watch all Parts! Reupload from user: EarthlasthopeRevived


  1. spartiati75

    Repent of your sins my friends, accept Jesus Christ in your heart, and gain eternal salvation. The devil will only lie, steal and cheat you until you are left for dead, but at that moment, when all hope is lost, and there seems no way out, call on Jesus Christ and he will save you. Were here today gone tomorrow, and once your dead it’s too late. Turning your back on God will cause you an eternity of pain and torment (and no one deserves that). God Bless everyone who reads this.

  2. blowyanosemon

    now look at this math 11×21-6=225. if you take the first 1 add the 1 to the 2 its now 3 the other 1 to 5 and its a 6. take the 3 make it 3 single.s 1 and now it’s turned it the sing of the devil 6\2×3\6 a liittle weird to me.

  3. mjjyo


  4. mjjyo

    One day I’ll be there beside You…

    I fold You like the River Jordan
    I carry you like I’m your sister
    I love You like a mother

    I’ll be there to fold You gently and slowly
    I’ll be there to carry You like I’m your sister
    I’ll be there to love You like a mother
    I’ll be there to love You more…….

  5. mjjyo

    Michael...、 Our Life.


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